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Pingdom won't keep your site from going down, but it will help you solve issues before they become critical, and will tell you when critical issues do need solved. It monitors your site, watching for any trouble. And as soon as something goes down, it can notify you however you like: via Twitter DM, email, phone call, SMS, and more. It'll even watch to see if the site comes back on, and let you know when it does. That way, you might not have to rush to fix something if the outage is over quickly.

With over 60 servers around the world, Pingdom can watch exactly how your site is loading for any of your users anywhere on earth. You can see how fast your site loads from Pingdom's various servers, for a quick way to spot regional slowdowns. Or, you can dig through your site's transaction flows, seeing if any part of your signup or checkout process is slower than others—or if any are broken and not loading for users. That gives you places to start working on your site, where you can improve things before they actually break and take down your site.

When things do break, though, Pingdom's alert policies let you always make sure to assign the issues to the right people on your team. You can set who gets notified for each issue, set schedules of who should be notified, when—to make sure you don't wake up the wrong person to take care of an outage—and add delays so people only get notified if the outage lasts longer than a minute, say.

Pingdom keeps full logs of everything it checks, so you can look back at your uptime and downtime, track each error and issue, and see how your site loading time has changed over time. And, you can share that info with your followers. Pingdom can turn your uptime and downtime reports into a status page where anyone can check, for a way to assure users that your team is working hard to keep your site online all the time.

Things will break, but you can limit the damage by fixing them as quickly as possible. With Pingdom, you'll always know as soon as your site goes down, so you can fix problems and get back to keeping your users happy.

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