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Designed with the GTD productivity system in mind, OnePageCRM opens with an Action Stream of the next things you need to do with contacts. Each time you add a contact, there's a Next Action box where you can type a Tweet-length update along with a due date for the next thing you need to do with this deal. Those show up on your Action Stream page, for a quick to-do list of everything you need to do with your contacts. Once you've made that call or sent that email, just select the contacts, and tap the Actions button to set their next action or mark the current next action as complete.

Each contact page includes the info you'd expect from a CRM: contact and company info, along with notes, call logs, and deals that you're working on with the contact. There's a timeline at the bottom, where you can drill down into every interaction this contact has had with your team. OnePageCRM can also sync emails from Gmail—or let you forward in emails from any other service—to track conversations with clients right alongside the notes you manually add. You can also add contacts in a click from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more with the OnePageCRM Lead Clipper extension.

If you need to get back to checking off next actions, there's a filter bar on the left where you can jump straight back to your or your team's Action Streams. Or, if you need to quickly get in touch with someone, just click the Contacts tab at the top to see a full alphabetical list of your contacts with their phone numbers and emails ready for you to call (via Skype) or message with a tap.

There's still those sales goals to hit, what the next actions are driving you towards. For the big picture, open the Pipeline view where you'll see monthly, quarterly, and yearly deals pipelines that show how much each potential deal is worth, and how likely you are to land it. Tap a deal stage funnel to see all deals in that stage or quickly update them with their new stage.

There's also ways to customize OnePage CRM to fit the way you work. If you're more focused on individuals in sales than companies, you can set OnePageCRM to reflect that in its interface. You can add your own sales actions to automatically add next actions as deals progress through stages, or use custom fields to track extra data about contacts. And, you can have OnePageCRM email you each day with the next actions you need to take, just like a project management app—only this time, focused on getting your deals closed.

CRMs can be much more than just an address book. OnePageCRM helps you keep track of what needs done next to close deals—while still making it simple to get in touch with contacts and take notes about your meetings. It's a tool that can keep your sales process on track.

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First reviewed on October 31, 2014; re-reviewed June 7, 2016 to cover new features.

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