Copy Rev transcripts into OneDrive

Place your completed transcriptions into a shared file for your team with this Rev to OneDrive automation. Set it up, and when there is a new transcript available in Rev, Zapier will copy that file into OneDrive. Collaborate easily when everyone has complete documentation of your calls, meetings and more.

How It Works

  1. A new transcript is available in Rev
  2. Zapier copies the file into OneDrive

What You Need

  • Rev account
  • OneDrive account
Copy Rev transcripts into OneDrive
Rev integration logo

Rev is an audio transcription service that uses human beings to transcribe English audio or video into text.

OneDrive integration logo

OneDrive, Microsoft's file sync app formerly known as SkyDrive, lets you store your files online, edit Office documents in the free Office Web Apps, and easily access your online files from your PC.

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