Send Office 365 emails for new PostgreSQL rows

If it's just taking too long to keep sending out those emails for new data on PostgreSQL, let this automation take care of that for you. Just go through some simple configuration steps and you'll be all set: from then on, any new row added to your PostgreSQL database will also send an email on Office 365 to the recipient(s) of your choice, keeping everyone updated with an alert as detailed as you need it to be.

How It Works

  1. A new row is added to a PostgreSQL database
  2. Zapier automatically sends an email through Office 365

What You Need

  • PostgreSQL account
  • Office 365 account
Send Office 365 emails for new PostgreSQL rows
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PostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source database engine with a uniquely advanced query optimizer and dozens of built in features, making it an easy choice for production databases.

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Office 365 Business is complete office suite in the cloud. It provides all the standard office products like Excel, Outlook, Word, SharePoint and more, but available from any internet enabled computer!

Zapier does not currently support addresses or Home 365 accounts, only business or Enterprise!

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