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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated September 18, 2014

Email addresses are great, but they're only one tiny aspect of your contacts' info. Beyond just a name and email, there's also the conversations and meetings you have with them, their social media activity, and more. You could keep up with everything in separate apps, but that likely means you'll end up searching through Twitter private messages the next time you're trying to reply to a client's email.

Or, you could use an app like Nimble that pulls everything together in one place. You'll see everything about your contacts—from the places they've worked and lived to their most recent posts on Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn—all in one place. Want to see if you went to the same college as a contact, or if their birthday is coming up? Nimble's already done the research for you, so you can be smarter during your next conversation. You'll just add a contact's name and email, and it'll fill out as much of the rest of their profile as it can.

Conversations are simple in Nimble, too. Thanks to its social network integration, you can keep a conversation going no matter where it started. Sending a Facebook message or Twitter DM is just as easy as sending an email in Nimble. Or, if you're still working in your email inbox, its Gmail and Outlook integrations will let you see how a new contact connects to your work, and HootSuite integration gives you the same power while you're managing your social networks. You'll even be able to see which of your contacts know each other.

Communications are almost as much about time as what you say, and Nimble helps you make sure you're sending the right messages at the right time. It'll monitor how long it's been since you've gotten in touch with someone, and let you sort your contacts to see who you could talk to next. You can train its Rule Engine to automatically let you know who you should contact, based on time, things they've said, their stage in the sales process, and more.

Your dashboard, even, will show you the contacts that you should add based on communications, the people you should get in touch with today, contacts' birthdays, job changes, and other engagement opportunities, and more. Nimble's watching everyone in your contacts list, and the people they're connected to, trying to surface the most important people just for you.

Then, you've got to make sure you send the message at the right time, especially on social networks. You could send your contact a message while they're asleep, but odds are it'll end up getting lost in the stream by the time they check it. Nimble fixes that problem by letting you schedule messages to be sent at the time you want. That's a great way to get in touch with people when you're sure they'll be online, or just to share your team's marketing content when your followers are most active.

There's also a kanban-style board for organizing your deals, a search tool that makes it easy to find anyone based on their info and conversations, and visual reports that'll help you see the results of your communications. It's everything you need for a contact centric CRM.

If you've ever wanted a tool that'll show you who to contact today—and automatically give you a reason to get in touch—Nimble's what you've been looking for.

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Nimble Features

  • A social CRM that brings your conversations from everywhere in one place
  • Calendar events, email conversations, and more are auto-imported
  • Integrated into your browser, email app, and Hootsuite
  • iOS and Android apps available

Nimble Pricing

  • $9/user/month for starter plan that includes contact management of up to 5,000 contacts and 5 user licenses, with per-user limits on some features
  • $19/user/month for all the additional features like group messaging and API access, unlimited contacts, and many other limits increased or removed.

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