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What Marketo Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • New Lead - Triggers when a new lead is created.

Supported Actions#

  • Create or Update Lead - Creates or Updates a lead.
  • Add Lead to List - Adds a lead to a list.

Supported Searches#

  • Find Lead - Finds a lead whose e-mail address matches the search criteria.
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How to Get Started with Marketo on Zapier

Prepare your Marketo account by following Custom Services to:

  1. Create an API Only Role with all Access API permissions.
  2. Create an API Only User with just that role.
  3. Create a Custom Service using that API Only User and find its Client ID and Secret.

When you start creating a Marketo Zap, you will be prompted to connect a New Account:

Select Marketo Account

Click the button and a pop-up would appear. Enter the required user details as outlined by the screen:

Marketo Login

Once you've entered the correct Log In details, the pop-up would disappear and you will see the Marketo account added to your Zapier account and is ready for selection:

Marketo success

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Common Problems with Marketo on Zapier

Error: "The role(s) of the authorized user selected for the configured service does not have sufficient Access API permissions."#

This means the authentication is successful but the authorized user for the used LaunchPoint Service doesn’t have sufficient permission to call the API. In Marketo, go to Admin > Security > Users & Roles and make sure that at least one of the roles of the user has Access API permissions. You can edit the roles via the Tab Roles.


You find the authorized user for the service you are using by double-clicking the service under Admin > Integration > LaunchPoint. Marketo recommends creating a specific user and role just for API Access.

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