Send new IMAP emails as SMS via Twilio

Harness the power of Twilio's notifications while making it trivial to email in or broadcast content by using this Zap. Once active, a new Twilio SMS will be sent for each new at your IMAP mailbox, making it a snap to send or receive updates while on the move.

How It Works

  1. A new email is received on your IMAP account
  2. Zapier automatically sends a Twilio SMS

What You Need

  • IMAP email account
  • Twilio account
Send new IMAP emails as SMS via Twilio
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IMAP stands for Internet message access protocol, which is a widely used protocol for e-mail retrieval available in Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! products among millions of mail servers worldwide.

Check our SMTP service as well!

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An easy tool for developers to send and receive SMS and voice calls.

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