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You'll have total control of your settings too. You can select a start and end date for your campaign, target your ad to a specific geographic location, and target based on the language your searchers speak. You'll decide if you want to focus on clicks (users clicking your ad) or impressions (users seeing your ad). And, of course, you have control of your budget. Google ensures that in any given month, you never spend more than your allotted budget, though your daily spending may differ day to day.

Google helps you find keyword ideas and monthly search volumes for each of them, based on your website and the product or service you're selling. Keep in mind that each keyword you choose costs a different amount because some keywords have more competition. That means Google gives the most visibility to the highest bid for each keyword. If you don't want to manually set a bid for each of your keywords, you can let Google do it for you, so you get the maximum clicks or impressions for your allotted budget.

Once you've added the headline, description, and URL for your ad, Google lets you preview it, showing you how it'll appear on different devices. If you're pleased with it, that's that.

Google is where everyone goes to find what they're looking for, and Google Ads help you be sure those people find you.

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Google Ads Pricing

  • Pricing depends on the advertising budget you set. Pay only when people click on or see your ad.

Google Ads Features

  • Get discovered by customers in Google search results when they search for your product or service.

  • Set up ad campaigns, target specific locations, and choose goals for your ad.

  • Choose to show ads in Google search results or across all of Google's partner sites.

  • Set a daily budget for your campaign, and pay only when users take action, such as clicking on your ad or calling your business.

  • Android and iOS apps available.

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