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How to Get Started with Freshbooks

To get started with Freshbooks, first click to connect a Freshbooks account in your zap.

Click to add an account

This brings up a form where you fill in your account details. First you will name the account. It can be named anything you want; it is only used to help you identify the account inside of Zapier. Next, provide the URL you use to login to Freshbooks.

Provide Zapier your Freshbooks account details

Your Auth Token can be found here inside of Freshbooks:

Locate your API Key in Freshbooks

When you are finished, you will now have your Freshbooks account connected!

Your Freshbooks account is authorized

Common Problems with Freshbooks

Error: "You do not have access to clients"#

Freshbooks has some granular user permissions. In order to access Client data, the account that is connecting to Freshbooks via Zapier needs to have "Client Management Permissions"


You can find more information about how to change these settings here.

Popular Things to do with Freshbooks

Get notified about new FreshBooks payments on Slack

FreshBooks Classic + Slack

Try It

Add new FreshBooks invoices to QuickBooks as new invoices

FreshBooks Classic + QuickBooks Online

Add new FreshBooks invoices to Slack as new messages

FreshBooks Classic + Slack

Add new Stripe charges to FreshBooks as new paid invoices

Stripe + FreshBooks Classic

Add new Freshbooks clients to Google Contacts as new contacts

FreshBooks Classic + Google Contacts

Add new FreshBooks clients to Freshbooks as new projects

FreshBooks Classic + FreshBooks Classic

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