File new Envoy signed agreements into a OneDrive folder

Envoy streamlines NDA or waiver signing, so you no longer have to push paper. But, if you use OneDrive, you may want to tuck those signed agreements away nicely in a folder. This Zap allows you to do just that: every time a visitor signs an agreement with Envoy, a PDF version of the signed agreement will be filed to the OneDrive folder you select.

Note: With Envoy, visitors are prompted to sign agreements upon their first Envoy sign-in at your office. They'll also be prompted to resign any new agreements if you change text or upload a new document. Please note that this integration only captures PDFs of agreements signed after this Zap was activated.

How It Works

  1. A visitor signs in with Envoy (and signs an NDA or waiver)
  2. Zapier saves a PDF of the signed agreement in OneDrive

What You Need

  • Envoy account with signed agreements enabled
  • OneDrive account
File new Envoy signed agreements into a OneDrive folder
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Envoy is a fully customizable iPad app that replaces your visitor sign-in book. We provide seamless visitor management, from pre-registration and host notifications, to NDA signing and secure cloud-based data storage.

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OneDrive, Microsoft's file sync app formerly known as SkyDrive, lets you store your files online, edit Office documents in the free Office Web Apps, and easily access your online files from your PC.

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