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Deputy helps remove that struggle. It makes it easy to schedule your staff across multiple locations, and even lets you automatically schedule people based on the available shifts . But most importantly, it lets you manage your staff when something goes haywire.

So, if you had Deputy when Charlie called, you could have easily found out who was available to replace him. Then, with just a couple taps on your phone, you would have booked Charlie’s replacement. His replacement gets an email, SMS, or push notification to let them know they’ve been requested for work—and all’s well that end’s well for your coffee shop that night.

Deputy’s magic lies in its automation. Scheduling people is easy. If you’ve invited everybody on your team to create an account, they can submit their own leave requests and unavailability notices. All you have to do is add the shifts (or copy them from a previous week).

So if your coffee shop always needs two baristas and a sales person on Monday mornings from 8am to 2pm, you can set that up. Once that’s done, you can ask Deputy to automatically schedule your staff based on their availability and their role.

Once you’ve taken a look at what Deputy’s cooked up, you can make your own changes or publish the schedule. Once it’s published, everybody on staff gets a push notification, SMS, or email letting them know what their schedule looks like.

When somebody gets sick or can’t make it to work, it’s easy to find their replacement. You can use the web interface or the phone/tablet app to check the shift and see if anybody else is available to take it right away. Deputy lets you know who’s already working and who’s unavailable, so you can schedule the people with the widest availability right away.

Deputy lets you set parameters for your scheduling, too, and helps you make sure everybody’s hours are balanced (or as unbalanced as you need them to be). You can set part timers and full time workers with separate maximum hours, and integrate their pay rates from your payroll software (Deputy integrates with more than twenty payroll providers and POS systems). These features help you stay on budget, so you never pay for more hours than you can afford.

Deputy has a few other tricks up its sleeve. It knows the weather forecast, and since it integrates with your POS, it can help you predict your shift cost against the earnings you’d normally earn during that time of week and that weather. The more you use Deputy, the smarter it will get.

Deputy allows you to mass-communicate with your staff as well. Deputy’s News Feed lets you post announcements and important information to everybody in your company—you can even request a confirmation that they’ve seen your message. So you can ditch MailChimp and work from one integrated system.

You can also create and assign tasks to yourself, or to others. You’ll know when they completed it, so if there are daily mission-critical tasks—like making sure the back door is locked—you can add those and set them to specific employees each day.

Finally, Deputy lets you track your employees’ time. You can start and end shifts with Deputy’s iPad kiosk, mobile apps, web app, the Apple Watch, or SMS. And you can approve timesheets prior to exporting them to your preferred payroll platform. Deputy uses this feature to integrate into hourly invoicing as well, so you could theoretically use it to replace your time tracker too, if you use one.

The hardest thing about running a business with staff is managing the staff. Deputy makes all that easy and painless—and maybe even a little fun. Schedule your staff quickly, and get back to doing what you love quickly with Deputy.

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