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Once your spaces are set up, you can create content pages. Confluence offers a wealth of pre-designed templates, helping you capture key information for items like developing user personas, tracking business decisions, or even creating an in-house blog for updates and training sessions.

Confluence pages aren't limited to word processing: You can add almost any type of content, from basic text and tables to image, videos, or specialized design files. The edit toolbar has all the fundamentals of a word processing tool, but also includes layouts and macros, where you can house the specialized content. As a bonus, there's no limit on page length, so you never have to worry about running out of room to sketch out and fine-tune your ideas. Team members can then comment in-text, assign tasks, and tag each other within the page content.

The more pages you create in Confluence, the more valuable the built-in organization features are. First, you can systematize your pages using a hierarchy/nesting system to make it easier to navigate using the left sidebar menu. Or you might choose to add tags to each page to save valuable time when using the search function.

If you find yourself wanting more specialized functionality, hop over to the Confluence marketplace, where you can obtain add-ons for the software, from embedding design systems to integrations that allow you to display snippets of your GitHub code repository directly inside a Confluence page.

Finally, you can customize your main dashboard, so the most important information is always readily accessible the moment you first log in to the site.

Robust doesn't begin to describe the power of collaboration and organization that Confluence can bring to your team. It gives you a space to house your company information and processes and allows you to communicate and collaborate within that same space.

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Confluence Server Pricing

Cloud pricing:

  • $10/user per month for up to 10 users

  • $5/user per month for up to 100 users

  • $3.50/user per month for the next 150 users

  • $1.10/user per month for each additional user over 250


  • Starting at $10 flat fee for 10 users

Confluence Server Features

  • House your business's internal content in a secure, password-protected environment.

  • Create media-rich pages using text, videos, and macros or even embedding a Google calendar or adding a code snippet.

  • Collaborate with team members using comments, task lists, and tags, so everyone's voice is heard.

  • Customize your spaces by installing advanced add-ons that help you integrate with other systems used by designers, developers, and your sales team.

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