Log Cognito Forms entries to Zengine

Integrate your form with Zengine using this Zapier automation. Easily create new records in Zengine for every submission coming through on Cognito Forms. Capture and store your contacts in one go, without any manual work!

How It Works

  1. A new entry is made on Cognito Forms
  2. Zapier saves the entry as a record in Zengine

What You Need

  • Cognito Forms account
  • Zengine account
Log Cognito Forms entries to Zengine
Cognito Forms integration logo

Cognito Forms is an easy-to-use form builder that allows users to quickly build a form, include it on their website, and start capturing entries without having to do any development.

Zengine integration logo

Zengine is a cloud-based platform that empowers a non-technical person to quickly build custom business applications. Zengine can be used to track customers, job candidates, projects or more and replaces paper processes, outgrown spreadsheets, or generic software products.

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