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Connect Cobot to 2,000+ Apps

  • Send Slack message when Cobot member is confirmed

    Cobot + Slack

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  • Add new Cobot members to Google Contacts

    Cobot + Google Contacts

  • Send Cobot booking notification emails via Gmail

    Cobot + Gmail

  • Add new confirmed Cobot members to HubSpot CRM

    Cobot + HubSpot

  • Send Cobot bookings to Slack

    Cobot + Slack

Cobot Integration Details

The following Cobot Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


InstantMembership Cancelation Changed

Triggers when the cancellation date of a membership is changed. In most cases that is when a member cancels their membership.Also triggers when admin cancels a member or changes the cancellation date.

InstantUser Claims Membership

Triggers when a user claims a coworking space membership they were invited for.

InstantMembership Canceled

Triggers when the member has actually been canceled by cobot so that his membership is no longer active.

InstantNew Booking

Triggers when a new booking is made for a resource like a meeting room.

InstantMembership Plan Changed

Triggers when a Members Plan is changed either by them or an admin.

InstantInvoice Created

Is triggered when an invoice for a member is created automatically.

InstantMembership Confirmed

Triggers when a membership is confirmed and becomes active. This could be immediately upon confirmation by an admin or, in the case a future start date is given, when that date is reached.

InstantNew Member

Triggered when a new member signs up or is added by an admin.

Connect Cobot to 2,000+ Apps