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Login to ClinchPad, and you'll first see its prominent kanban board listing your leads and their position on your sales process. You can rename the columns, move them around, or add any processes you need to your sales workflow. Then, from the gear icon in each column, you can add default todos that will be added to any lead when it's dragged into that column. That will help you always do the most important things to keep your sales process moving along.

Adding leads is easy. You can just type in a lead name at the top of the dashboard, and it's added directly to your first column. Click the lead to add info, attach contacts and tags, and more. If the dashboard gets too confusing, you can always filter it down to show just the leads you're interested in right now.

Or, you can customize your CRM and make it work like you want. There's color-coded tags that you can name, to visually organize your leads. There's also categories to tag contacts by their interest in your products, or to list the people who referred them to your company and the contact's location. And if the default contact field doesn't gather enough info for your needs, you can add custom fields to contacts and leads to make them include anything you want. There's even an option to add "causes", which let you categorize why you won or lost a deal so you can learn how to do better based on this sales experience.

But first, you'll have to close the sales—or get rejected. For that to happen, you'll need to keep your tasks moving. ClinchPad keeps your personal and team todos right in the top toolbar, so you can quickly see what you need to do next. You'll see everything listed by date, and can jump to the relevant lead page directly from the task. Or, you can sync your tasks to Google Calendar so you'll always know what you need to do, wherever you are.

Once you're done with your tasks and have closed some sales, it's time to look back and see how your team's performed. ClinchPad's Insights page will automatically show you that, with a daily activity shot that shows what each team member did that day, along with the more advanced reports you'd expect that will help you see your sales performance. And if you're having trouble getting your tasks done, you can have ClinchPad send you a missed todo summary automatically with a list of everything you didn't do.

If your team's looking for an easy-to-use CRM that lets you manage your leads visually and easily customize the app to gather the data you want, ClinchPad is a nice option. It's cheap enough to let your whole team use it, and simple enough that everyone can get started easily. That's a recipe to make your new CRM implementation a success.

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ClinchPad Pricing

  • Free for up to 100 leads and 250Mb storage

  • $9/month Bronze plan for 1 user, 2Gb storage and unlimited leads

  • $19/month Silver plan for 5 users, 5Gb storage and unlimited leads

  • $49/month Gold plan for 15 users, 10Gb storage and unlimited leads

  • $99/month Platinum plan for 33 users, 20Gb storage and unlimited leads

  • Bulk plans available

ClinchPad Features

  • A simple CRM app that lets you manage your leads and deals on a kanban-style board

  • Organize leads with color-coded tags and categorizes

  • Custom fields for contacts and leads

  • Direct integration with email newsletter apps and Google Calendar

  • Activity snapshot and reports

  • Live support chat

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