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What ClickSend SMS Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • New Incoming SMS - Triggers when a new incoming sms is received.

Supported Searches#

  • Search Contact by Email Address - Find a contact in a contact list based on email address.
  • Search Contact Lists - Search for a contact list based on name.
  • Search Contact by Phone - Find a contact in a contact list based on phone number.

Supported Actions#

  • Send MMS - Send a new MMS.
  • Send SMS - Sends a new SMS.
  • Create Contact - Creates a new contact in a list.
  • Send Fax - Sends a new fax.
  • Send Post Letter - Sends an A4 PDF document via the post. The PDF is printed, folded, inserted into an envelope and posted to any address globally.
  • Send SMS to Contact List - Sends a new SMS to a list of contacts.
  • Create Contact List - Creates a new contact list.
  • Delete Contact List - Delete a specific contact list.
  • Send Voice - Send a Voice Text-to-speech message to a mobile phone or landline.
  • Delete Contact - Delete specific contact from list based on the contact ID.
  • Send Postcard - Sends a postcard via the post. The PDF is printed and delivered to any address globally.
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How to Get Started with ClickSend SMS on Zapier

To get started with ClickSend SMS on Zapier, first you will need to click to connect your ClickSend SMS account to use with your Zap.

Click to connect ClickSend SMS

Next, you'll be asked to enter your ClickSend SMS username and API Key.

ClickSend SMS username and API Key

You can find your API key on your ClickSend account here.

Click “Continue” and if your details were correct your ClickSend SMS account will now be successfully connected.

ClickSend SMS connection successfull

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Common Problems with ClickSend SMS on Zapier

The "From" field isn't being respected#

If the SMS is being sent to a country which doesn't support setting a custom sender ID, then this field will be ignored. More info on Sender IDs can be found here and a list of which countries support Sender IDs can be found here

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