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Follow up new subscriptions in Chargebee with AskNicely NPS surveys

  1. When this happensStep 1: New Subscription

  2. Then do thisStep 2: Add Survey Participant

With any subscription service, a key consideration is how likely your customers are to remain subscribed to your service. The best way to measure this is to collect feedback from your customers on a regular basis. Sending an AskNicely NPS survey will give your customers a short, easy way to let you know how they are feeling. By triggering the survey after they start their subscription with an optional wait period you can be continuously collecting feedback and keep a realtime gauge on how your customers are feeling about your service.

Note: When setting your wait period, consider the length of time of your subscription renewal and how long it will take the customer to start using your product - for many SaaS businesses working with a monthly billing cycle, it makes sense to wait around 25 days so that you get feedback shortly before the second payment is due. However, for some businesses with a longer on boarding phase, you may like to wait for longer.

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All Triggers & Actions

InstantNew Response

Triggers when a customer responds with a score or comment.

Create Customer

Creates a new customer in Chargebee.

Pause Subscription

Pauses a subscription in Chargebee.

Resume Subscription

Resumes a paused subscription in Chargebee.

Update Subscription

Updates a subscription in Chargebee.

Change Next Billing Date

Updates next billing date of a subscription.

Create Subscription

Creates a new subscription along with the customer in Chargebee. This action does not support adding subscription to an existing customer.

Record Offline Payment for an Invoice

Records an offline payment for unpaid invoices.

Update Customer

Updates customer details in Chargebee.

Finds an Existing Customer

Lookup an existing customer.

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