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Agile CRM - Features, Pricing, Alternatives, and More

Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated July 5, 2018

It’s easy for your customer and client data to get scattered across apps. Your marketing team needs automation tools to send email newsletters and social media posts that promote your products, while your sales team needs a CRM to track deals and interest. When something goes wrong, your support team answers questions and keeps track of feedback in a help desk app.

Agile CRM is more than just a CRM—it’s all of those tools in one suite. It’s the same data everywhere, presented the way you need for the task at hand. Work on sales, and you’ll get easy access to contact info and deals. Marketing projects will see info on campaigns, email templates, and social networks. Customer support teams using the service view will instead see the inbox of customer questions that need answers. In each view, though, it’s the same contact and company data that powers the entire suite of interworking apps.

Say you’re working with one client who had purchased something from your company last year, and now is interested in buying another thing you sale this year. Open their contact profile in Agile CRM, and you’ll see every interaction and note anyone on your team’s had with them. Did your marketing team send them an automated email about that product? Have they opened a support ticket about an issue they had with last year’s purchase? Has someone written a note with more details about this particular customer? All that and more will be in their Agile CRM profile, along with their recent Tweets, stats on what they’ve viewed on your website, calls your company has made to them, and much more.

You can pull even more data into Agile CRM with its data sync tools. It can connect to Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento stores, Mandrill and Sendgrid email services, FreshBooks and Xero accounting tools, and more. Agile CRM can pull in customer data from each connected platform and add it to your customer profiles so you’ll have everything about everyone in one place. It can even sync with your G Suite or Office 365 calendar to bring in events.

The core CRM, support, and marketing tools all include the features you need to push your business forward. You can send drip emails and newsletters to keep contacts engaged, with a drag-and-drop designer and A/B testing to make sure your emails perform well. Use similar tools to make landing pages and forms to gather contacts, along with social and mobile tools to send your message out everywhere. You can then track deals with your contacts on the CRM side, taking the most promising leads through your sales process and following up with targeted calls and emails. And you can solve customers’ problems quicker with the integrated knowledge base inside the email and chat-powered help desk so your team doesn’t have to lookup answers every time.

If your team’s struggling to keep track of customer data spread around apps, Agile CRM might be the single system your company needs. It can handle everything about your customers in one place so you have more time to spend on building relationships.

Originally published November 1, 2014; updated July 5, 2018 with new free plan details, screenshots, and details including marketing and service tools.

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Agile CRM Features

  • Combine sales, marketing, and service with a CRM that works for customer support and marketing automation
  • Link data about companies and contacts easily
  • Answer customer questions with live chat and email templates
  • Build smart, automated email and social campaigns in a flow chart
  • See what visitors did on your website
  • Let customers schedule appointments with a synced calendar
  • Integrate with Twilio, RingCentral, and other VoIP tools to make and receive calls
  • iOS and Android apps available

Agile CRM Pricing

  • Free for 10 users, 50,000 contacts, custom data fields, email integration, and other core features
  • $14.99/user/month Starter plan for up to 10k contacts and basic features
  • $49.99/user/month Regular plan for up to 50k contacts, phone integration, documents support and more
  • $79.99/user/month Enterprise plan for unlimited features and contacts

20% off all plans if paid annually; 40% off all plans if paid biannually

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