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Facebook Lead Ads

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Acuity Scheduling

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Connect Agile CRM to 2,000+ Apps

  • Add new MailChimp subscribers to Agile CRM contacts

    Mailchimp + Agile CRM

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  • Add new Facebook Lead Ads leads as contacts in Agile CRM

    Facebook Lead Ads + Agile CRM

  • Add new ClickFunnels contacts to AgileCRM

    ClickFunnels + Agile CRM

  • Turn new contacts in Agile CRM into MailChimp subscribers

    Agile CRM + Mailchimp

  • Update Agile CRM contacts from new Typeform entries

    Typeform + Agile CRM

Agile CRM Integration Details

Knowing who your customers are and how they interact with your business is a key part of sales and marketing. Zapier can help by automatically updating your contacts in Agile CRM and reducing the time you spend on manual data entry. You can even use Zapier to add tags to your contacts so you can sort, filter, segment, and target them more efficiently.

Here are some creative ways to use Agile CRM with Zapier:

  • Keep track of how your customers are interacting with your business. Update contacts in Agile CRM when new appointments are created or canceled in Acuity Scheduling.
  • You've worked hard to create sales funnels targeted toward specific customer segments. Make sure those user insights aren't lost: Add tags to contacts in Agile CRM when new there are new contact activities in ClickFunnels.
  • Save time on manual data entry by using Zapier to add new form entries from Typeform, Wufoo, or other forms to your Agile CRM.

The following Agile CRM Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


Changed Deal Milestone

Triggers when a Deal reaches a specific milestone you choose.

New Contact

Triggers when a new contact is add in AgileCRM.

New Ticket

Triggers when a new ticket is added in Agile CRM.

InstantChanging Any Deal Milestone

Changing any milestone in Agile CRM should be triggered.

New Task

Triggers when a new task is added in the Agile CRM.

New Case

Triggers when a new case is added in Agile CRM.

New Deal

Triggers when a new Deal is added in AgileCRM.

New Tag to Contact

Triggers when a tag is added to contact in AgileCRM.

New Event

Triggers when a new event is created in Agile CRM.


Add to Campaign

Subscribe to a Campaign.

Add Tag to Contact

Add Tag to a Contact in the Agile CRM.

Create Deal

Create a deal in the Agile CRM.

Create Task

Create a Task for the Contact.

Create Company

Create a New Company.

Create or Update Contact

Updates the contact in Agile CRM based on the Email Address. Alternatively, can also create a contact if one is not found.

Add Note

Add a Note to the Contact.

Create Contact

Creates New Contact in the Agile CRM.

Create Ticket

Creates Ticket in the Agile CRM.

Add Score to Contact

Add Score to a Contact in the AgileCRM.

Add Event

Create event an event in Agile CRM.

Connect Agile CRM to 2,000+ Apps