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Send an invitation RSVP form to guests and display a guest list
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Ever felt like you're juggling a little too much when planning an event? This RSVP template is here to make it simple. The RSVP lives in a publicly shareable URL with a form, guest list, and automatic notifications set up so that you won't miss a beat.

Why you should use this template

This template can be connected to 6,000+ apps making it the most integrated RSVP template of all time. It's completely customizable to fit any type of event and includes an invitation form that allows guests to choose whether or not to be displayed in the public guest list.

How the template works

Once you've made this online RSVP template your own by editing the title, uploading an image, and customizing the form fields, you can send the URL to all of your guests. As soon as a guest fills out the form, an automated workflow sends you a notification email.

Another workflow checks to see if the guest wanted their name to be publicly displayed and updates the entry accordingly. Then all the information is stored in an organized table. To get this template moving, all you need to do is customize the look and feel, update the content and send to your guests.

Who should use this template

If you're a small business owner or marketing events planner, this template is your ticket to stress-free invitations. It's flexible enough to fit any type of event with the ability to add additional form fields and pages.

Key benefits of the RSVP Template

Embrace the simplicity of automated guest tracking, the joy of instant email updates, and the clarity of an organized guest list. This RSVP template isn't just a tool; it's your partner in planning that ensures you're always one step ahead:

  • Integrate with 6,000+ apps
  • Customize the form, pages, and design
  • No-code builder with flexibility to add more functionality
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