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New team member onboarding portal with tasks, resources, and forms with a custom chatbot
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Say goodbye to the repetitive questions and administrative overhead of onboarding a new employee. Built with Zapier, our employee onboarding portal centralizes communication, resources, and tasks in one convenient location. Utilize this template to foster strong relationships with new hires and simplify the onboarding experience.

Why you should create an employee onboarding portal with Zapier

Craft a transparent, cohesive, and new hire-friendly experience with an onboarding checklist built using Zapier Interfaces, Tables, and Zaps. Seamlessly connect and automate with 6,000+ apps to keep the onboarding process and documents current for each of your new employees.

How the template works

Leverage this template to assemble all components of your Employee Onboarding Portal:

  • Featuring custom branding with your company name and a kanban board for the new hire checklist
  • Implement a Get Help form and customized chatbot offering a new team member a straightforward method to submit queries or requests.
  • Organize employee documents, resources, and important information on the Documents page

Employee onboarding template Canvas

To begin:

  • Click use template.
  • Directly add items into the Tasks and Documents tables.
  • Access the Get Help page to modify form fields, and if desired, implement conditional logic.
  • Adjust interface settings for navigation.
  • Optionally create managed user accounts for your employees. Then, filter the task-list kanban and documents table to only show items with email = is current user.
  • Edit the chatbot instructions and data sources
  • Share the interface URL with new hires.

Who should use this template

This template is designed for HR professionals, team leaders, and anyone involved in the onboarding process. Whether you're part of a fast-growing startup, a large corporation, or a remote team, this automated Employee Onboarding Portal is your solution to enhancing new employee communications, streamlining task management, and delivering a polished, professional onboarding experience.

Key benefits of this employee onboarding template

  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks, allowing more focus helping team members have a successful onboarding
  • Easily link to existing tools you use by creating a Zapier workflow with 6,000+ app integrations.
  • Tailor the pages, fields, forms, and chatbot to meet the unique needs and feedback of new hires.
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