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Content Repurposing AI Chatbot Template

Repurpose existing content with a list of digital marketing ideas, powered by OpenAI
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Input your role, your target audience, and an optional existing asset and this chatbot will serve as a personal content creator who is an expert in repurposing content. Created in partnership with Mike Cardona of Hidden Levers AI, this AI Chatbot uses Jack Butcher's “Sawdust” concept to find creative ways for you to create content once and repurpose in different formats and for different platforms.

How the template works

This template uses Zapier's AI Chatbots with a unique directive that can be edited and tailored to fit your content creation process. You can upload a data source to ensure the output adheres to your brand guidelines or best practices. Your entire marketing team can then use the chatbot to help generate repurposed content.

Who should use this template

If you're a content marketer, social media manager, or a digital creator who dreams of a world where content adapts at the speed of thought, this is your new best friend. Any digital marketing team who wants to squeeze as much juice out of content as possible will love this chatbot.

Key benefits of this template

Point to an existing piece of written content, social media content, or any old content and have this chatbot double your marketing efforts with AI generated content ideas.

  • Leverages OpenAI to create content ideas
  • Embeddable anywhere
  • Fully customizable
  • Connected to Zaps to integrate with 6,000+ apps

Use the power of OpenAI

OpenAI powers the experience defaulting to the GPT 3.5 model but flexible enough to swap in the model of your choice. Tailor the creativity, tweak the token length, and adjust the appearance as needed.

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