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If you've ever experienced panic over the state of your inbox, you're not alone. Email is a necessary evil–you need to collaborate and communicate, but the endless stream of requests and replies can derail your productivity.

Get your productivity back on track by setting up workflows that take your most important emails out of the limbo of your inbox and put them in a place of action. Zapier makes it easy to get started right away with the following automated workflows, or Zaps.

Create Tasks & To-Do's from Your Inbox

The most difficult part of managing your inbox is that most emails demand action–and that action is rarely as simple as a brief reply. But trying to use your inbox as a task manager is a recipe for frustration.

Don't worry: You don't have to copy emails into your to-do list app. Zapier can quickly reroute your chosen emails into the task manager of your choice so you can just focus on getting your work done.

Save Attachments Automatically

Your inbox is never the final destination for important attachments. Save yourself the legwork of forwarding, transferring, or saving email attachments by using one of the following Zaps to automatically send important files to their final destination.

Track Communications

Important project tasks and communications can easily get lost amid long email conversations. Stay organized and on top of your projects with these Zaps, which will log your conversations in spreadsheet, share copies of your important emails to Slack, and keep notes about those conversations.

Send Emails Automatically

Need to send out bulk messages? Don't type out each one. Instead, use a form or spreadsheet to enter data to use in your email templates, or have Zapier watch another app for new entries, and then add a template email with Zapier to send those messages with your email service.

Parse Info from Emails

Sometimes the info you need from emails is buried in the text. Zapier can help there, too, with or Zapier Email Parser integrations that can scan your emails for the text you need, and send it to any app you want.

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