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You run an E-commerce shop. Worrying about how your site, tech, and marketing works is a pain. This set of Zaps will help you eliminate the hassle of running an E-commerce site.

Add Customers to a Mailing List

If someone buys something from you once, odds are much higher that they'll buy something again. You can easily save your online store customers to an email mailing list to send them new deals.

An easy example is this Shopify to MailChimp zap that saves new Shopify customers to a MailChimp customer list.

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Add Customers to a CRM

Sales 101 says to stay in touch with your customers. If someone buys something from your online store it's a smart idea to add them to a CRM so you or a member of your sales team can easily follow up with them later.

For example, you can easily add Bigcommerce customers to Zoho CRM and have a complete history of your customers to use later.

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Create Follow Up Tasks for E-Commerce Sales

Once a sale gets made on your E-commerce site there's likely some tasks you need to follow up on. Packaging an item, printing off shipping labels, and mailing an order are just a few.

A Zap that creates a follow up task from a sale is helpful, like this Shopify to Asana task zap.

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Email New Customers

When someone buys something from you, a friendly confirmation email is in order. With Zapier you can easily send a custom confirmation email based on your customers purchase details.

An easy way to send a customized purchase email is with this Shopify Gmail Zap which will let you send a customized purchase email from your own domain. Simple to setup; easy to wow your new customers.

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Add E-commerce Sales to Your Accounting Software

After every sale, you're going to have to log the sale in your accounting software to account for the new revenue. This is a daily task, fraught with human error that can eat up a lot of time out of your day.

You can easily automate this by saving your sales to your accounting software by using Zaps like this Shopify to Xero zap.

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Create Sales Follow Up Tickets

When someone buys something from you, you might want to create a ticket in a help desk so that you and your team can easily follow up with that user in one central place .

An good example Zap would be to create cases from new Shopify orders. This will make sure you have your customer's details in Desk for the team to follow up with on any issues concerning the customer's order.

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In the next chapter, learn how to automate accounting and invoicing.

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