Total Rewards at Zapier

At Zapier, we invest in our people through rewards that reflect your impact and contributions. Find out how we invest in you through our Total Rewards programs.

Base pay

Our base pay—also known as salary—market position defines how competitively we pay compared to other high-tech sector companies. This enables us to design data-driven, fair, and highly competitive base pay programs.

Each role at Zapier has a pay range aligned with our compensation principles and based on national market data. We use a business impact approach to base pay, which means we set pay for all Zapier teammates based on their demonstrated impact on Zapier’s success at their current role and level. We assess business impact during our Talent Impact Review cycle, and when a teammate’s role changes.


Zapier has a financial performance-driven bonus plan. It represents part of your Total Target Cash (your annual base pay and target bonus payouts at 100% financial achievement). Our bonus plan reflects how Zapier defines company-wide success in the immediate term, and provides a way for all Zapiens to share in that success if the company performs accordingly.

The Zapier Bonus Plan is a variable incentive plan—one that, like most company bonus plans, has no guarantee of payment. Yet when Zapier succeeds, we all share in the rewards. 

See key highlights of the plan below:

  • When Zapier achieves its financial goals, eligible Zapiens receive a bonus payment
  • Financial achievement is measured in two halves: H1 (January-June) and H2 (July-December)
  • Applicable bonus payments take place twice a year after each completed half year
  • Bonuses are calculated using bonus targets by level, base pay, eligible earnings, and company financial achievement
  • Calculations include a proration based on your hire date

Benefits and perks

Our goal is to create a highly engaged culture where Zapier teammates of all backgrounds can do their best work and progress in their careers. This means building an organization where you feel connected, motivated, and enthusiastic about seeing Zapier succeed—in part through equitable and inclusive programs and opportunities.

Because Zapier is an all-remote company and people can join our workforce from almost any country, our benefit programs and their access/availability differ across the globe. With the aim to support Zapier teammates in the best way we can, we currently offer:

  • Healthcare benefits in the UK, Canada, Spain, Ireland, and the United States
  • Retirement plans with employer match in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Ireland, and the United States

For countries where we do not have entities or provide company-sponsored benefits, we add a regional benefits premium to our pay ranges (in these instances, when recommendations are made for base pay, the benefits premium has already been factored in).

On top of this, we offer:

  • Work from (almost!) anywhere*
  • Flexible time-off policy (most teammates take 4-6 weeks off per year for vacation and holidays)
  • 1 annual company retreat to an awesome place
  • 14 weeks of 100% fully paid leave for new parents
  • Anniversary reward program (at 1, 3, 5, and 10 years)
  • Annual Live Well budget (Lifestyle Spending Account) (for wellness, travel, meals, entertainment, and other activities that help you live a fulfilled life!)
  • Annual Work Well budget (for pre-approved software, education, and training, or kitting out your home office)
  • Once-off New Hire Office Setup budget (for a desk, chair, screen, and other peripherals to set you up to do your best work!)
  • Holistic Wellness programming and one private coaching session a month via access to Wellness Coach
  • Fertility, family forming, and inclusivity supplemental care and support from Carrot

* Due to regulatory and security reasons, there’s a small number of countries where we cannot have Zapier teammates based. Additionally, because Zapier is an all-remote company and people can join our workforce from almost any country, we do not sponsor visas. Zapier teammates need to be authorized to work from their home location.


Our Equity for All program gives Zapier teammates the opportunity to share in the company’s long-term success. For teammates in most countries, we provide a path to equity ownership in the form of stock option grants. In the countries where we cannot grant stock options, we offer an equivalent long-term cash incentive. Subject to approval by the board of directors, all Zapier teammates receive either stock options or cash incentives at time of hire and have opportunities to receive more during their tenure.

Stock options give teammates the right to buy a specific number of Zapier shares at a predetermined price set on the grant date (often called the strike price). Carta, the tool we use to access option grants, has some great resources on how options work here.