Working On Diversity and Inclusivity

Wade Foster
Wade Foster / October 5, 2017

Zapier is dedicated to building an open and inclusive work environment—one that's safe for people of all backgrounds.

This takes effort. There's always more work to be done towards that goal. We think it's worth pursuing, though. Diverse teams are more creative and build better products. They make better decisions and have more successful companies. They're better able to represent the global community at large.

At Zapier, we also think that hiring and fostering a diverse team is just the right thing to do. We've had candid conversations as a company about the experience of our teammates through the employee lifecycle—from the first impression we make as a company to our internal promotion process to our exit interview. We’ll continue to have those candid conversations and to invest in our efforts to improve.

Several team members suggested publishing a public changelog of each step we've taken to improve our hiring process. This is that living document.

The Changelog in Chronological Order


  • Launched a new 14-week, paid parental leave policy to accommodate growing families.
  • Outlined a standard hiring process across each role.
  • Edited our job description template to ensure job descriptions use inclusive language and accurately describe the role.
  • Created the Zapier Code of Conduct.


  • Redesigned the About page to show off our personalities and the people behind Zapier.
  • Increased employer-sponsored health coverage to 90% for employees and 50% for spouses and dependents to make Zapier better for employees with families.
  • Introduced the Zapier Management Framework and gave training to all managers based on the Manager Tools framework. Good managers know how to create safe spaces that allow people to grow and thrive.
  • Changed our hiring application question from "Tell us about yourself" to "Tell us about your qualifications for this role".
  • Added an optional, anonymous demographic survey for all job applicants to help us track and better understand the characteristics of our applicants over time.
  • Published a public changelog (yup, this one!) summarizing our efforts to improve our hiring process.
  • Published Our Commitment to Applicants detailing our commitment to being respectful to every candidate.


  • Rolled out our first Employee Satisfaction Survey so that we can gauge employee happiness and give people a safe space to voice their opinions.
  • Sent out our first teammate demographic survey so that we can take a look at where we're at and where we can continue to improve.


  • Hired a Recruiter dedicated to Diversity Initiatives and Community Outreach.
  • Adopted Culture Amp for demographics surveys to insure anonymity for Zapiens and to encourage candid feedback.
  • Focused on Diversity at retreats including: pronoun pins and lanyards to indicate how we would like to be greeted (handshake, hug or a wave).
  • Launched our pilot internship program with a small cohort of non-US based engineers


  • Established our first company-wide OKRs to achieve more diversity in Engineering through targeted sourcing efforts.
  • Created more safe spaces, including the Ops Suggestion Box and our anonymous ethics hotline, Lighthouse Services.
  • Implemented Unconscious Bias programs across the company. These trainings are mandatory for all managers and interviewers.
  • Grew our Learning & Development team to invest in more manager training, coaching, and inclusivity resources at all levels of the company.


  • Created a process to establish ERGs at Zapier. Out at Zapier is our first formal ERG, with more applications currently in process.
  • Held a company-wide session on Belonging at our Winter Retreat.
  • Created an internal Monthly Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging newsletter to keep our teammates informed of roundtables, events, discussion, and action items.

We have several initiatives currently in progress, and we’ll continue to update here when they’re implemented. If these are actions you’d want your future employer to take, please submit an application.