New for Our Clio Integration: 12+ New Triggers, Searches, and Actions

Deborah Tennen
Deborah Tennen / February 12, 2019

Clio helps lawyers work more efficiently by making it easy to track time, manage matters, generate invoices, and more. And with its Zapier integration, you've been automating your most important Clio processes. We've recently updated our Clio integration to offer more reliable performance, enhanced security, and over a dozen new features so your Zaps can be better than ever.

In order to access these new features, you'll need to update any of your existing Zaps that use Clio as as a trigger, search, or action. You'll know which version of the Clio app your Zap is on based on the name: Update your Zaps to "Clio" from "Clio (Legacy)."

If you don't update your Zaps, they'll continue to work as normal for now, but a heads up that we'll no longer be supporting the original triggers, searches, and actions. That means when we release new updates to the Clio integration, those features will only be available to Zaps using the updated version of the app. Updating to get the new features is definitely the way to go.

Now, here's a look at everything's that's new with Clio's Zapier integration.

New Triggers

You can now use Zapier to kick off workflows in your other apps whenever:

  • A document is created in Clio
  • A matter note is created in Clio
  • A bill's state is updated in Clio
  • A task's status is updated in Clio
  • A matter's status is updated in Clio

New Searches

You can now use Zapier to retrieve a user from Clio and reference data associated with that user in a subsequent action.

New Actions

You can now use Zapier to automatically take the following actions whenever trigger events happen in the other apps in your tech stack:

  • Update a person contact in Clio
  • Update a company contact in Clio
  • Update a task in Clio
  • Update a matter in Clio
  • Create a matter folder in Clio
  • Assign a task template list in Clio
  • Create a new communication in Clio

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