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1. Can Zapier fully sync my data between two apps?

Zapier doesn't currently offer two-way syncing features like version merging or version conflict resolution and most supported apps don't have triggers for updated data.

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2. If I update something in one app, will that change be reflected in the other app?

In most cases, no. Some supported apps do have updating capabilities which will be clearly stated in the trigger or action descriptions.

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3. Does Zapier work with existing data? (i.e. data that existed prior to making a Zap...)

Zapier offers event-based automation, which requires a new event to trigger your Zaps. Data that was created before your Zap was turned On will not be acted upon. We have documented some solutions to work around this.

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4. Can I use _____ app on Zapier?

You can find a list of all the apps we currently support in our Zapbook.

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5. Can you add _____ app to Zapier?

The most effective way to get a new app added to Zapier is to contact the company that makes the app and request that they consider making their app available on Zapier. Make sure they have an API (which is required to make the app work on our platform), and ask them (politely, please!) to add it to the Zapier Developer Platform.

6. When will _____ app or _____ feature be available on Zapier?

People really love their apps and what they can do with them using Zapier! Because of the high volume of requests we get each day, we're unable to offer a specific ETA on what's coming next.

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7. Why isn't my _____ field from the trigger app available to use in my Zap?

If you have already tried submitting data to trigger your Zap, have made sure to fill all available fields out, and the field you need still isn't available for you to use, then it most likely isn't yet supported (often this is because the field isn't made available by the trigger app).

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8. Do you offer phone support?

We don't currently offer phone support, but our customer champions are here to help you via email. Give it a shot!

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