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5 ways to automate Kajabi

By Nicole Replogle · June 23, 2023
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Kajabi is an innovative platform for creating, marketing, and selling online courses. It boasts a whole suite of easy-to-use tools for designing course materials, building your own website, and starting that first email campaign. 

But when business starts booming, you'll want as simple and efficient a workflow as possible so you can focus on creating and delivering high-quality courses to your customers.

Automating your routine is the best way to free up time and ensure your business processes run smoothly. Zapier's automated workflows—called Zaps—make it simple to connect with, engage, and retain your customers using Kajabi. When automating the information flow within your tech stack, you're free to concentrate on sharing your skills and knowledge with the world. 

New to Zapier? It's an automation tool that helps anyone connect apps and automate workflows—without any complicated code. Sign up for free to use this app, and many others, with Zapier.

Table of contents

To get started with a Zap template—what we call our pre-made workflows—just click on the button. It only takes a few minutes to set up. You can read more about setting up Zaps here.

Add users to email marketing lists

Whether someone is a returning user or a new customer interested in expanding their knowledge, automated workflows make it easy to capture their information and ensure they're up to date on your content and promotions. 

From leads

New learners can be found everywhere. Maybe you use a quiz builder like Interact to engage with potential customers. Or perhaps you rely on social media ads or custom landing pages to capture new leads.

Diversifying your lead sources is a great idea—but manually creating a form submission in Kajabi for each lead can be a hassle. 

Instead of copying and pasting form submissions from each lead generation platform you use, these Zaps let you automatically create form submissions in Kajabi each time a new lead is captured. From there, you can add each new lead to a marketing funnel.

Submit Kajabi forms for new Facebook Lead Ads leads

Submit Kajabi forms for new Facebook Lead Ads leads
  • Facebook Lead Ads logo
  • Kajabi logo
Facebook Lead Ads + Kajabi

From invites and events 

When your coaching makes a splash, you have to be ready for a lot more interest. It should be as easy as possible for customers to schedule your services—while still ensuring each new invitee's information is added to your Kajabi database for further follow-ups.

But not everyone can afford to hire a personal assistant to do thorough intakes for each registrant or invitee. These Zaps make scheduling your meetings or events effortless and accessible while still collecting the information you need to market effectively.  

From other places

No matter where you find new leads, there's a way to transfer their information to your Kajabi email lists automatically. 

Your audience might submit a form on your Squarespace site or purchase a product on ThriveCart. Or maybe you keep a database of potential leads in Google Sheets. Whatever your setup looks like, there's likely a Zap for you. Use the templates below to transfer customer information from a variety of different apps. 

Add or update contacts

Wrangling long lists of email addresses can be a nightmare—especially when new leads are showing interest and your current customers' contact information is always changing. The best way to ensure you always have the right contact information on hand is to automate the updating process.

The Zaps below create or update contacts whenever they make a new purchase or add a tag in Kajabi. 

Send offers after product purchases

Your best next customer is the one who's already purchased from you. Promo codes and discounts are great ways to encourage customer loyalty—but remembering to send them to every eligible customer after a purchase is impossible. 

Automation is the key to making sure no customer is left behind. With these Zaps, you can instantly grant access to an offer in Kajabi whenever a new purchase is made in your eCommerce app. 

Track or backup purchases

Kajabi is a powerful tool for marketing and selling courses, but for flexibility and simplicity, you may want to track your business data in another app or spreadsheet. A spreadsheet is a great single source of truth for your sales data since it gives you endless options for reporting and data analysis.

But manually copying and pasting purchase data from Kajabi into Google Sheets quickly becomes tedious. What if you forget to record a sale or make a small (but substantial) typo?

Instead of relying on manual processes for tracking or backing up sales data, use this Zap to create a new spreadsheet row anytime a new purchase is made in Kajabi. This way, you can be confident that your business spreadsheets are up-to-date and accurate.

Trigger further actions with new form submissions 

It's exciting to see your marketing efforts start to pay off—but the key to effective marketing is what you do after a lead has taken that first action and submitted a form. 

What does your workflow look like after a form is submitted in Kajabi? Maybe you use Deadline Funnel to give your customers access to limited-time special offers and discounts. Perhaps you add them to a new marketing campaign instead. Or maybe it would just be helpful to funnel new customer actions into a spreadsheet or your email inbox so you can keep track of important sales and marketing data.

No matter your unique process, the best way to ensure you follow up on every lead is to automate the next step. Even if you're new to project management, these Zaps make it easy to kickstart your workflow anytime a new form is submitted in Kajabi.

Share your knowledge with the help of automation

Kajabi has a host of powerful features designed to start and sustain a business based on your skills and knowledge. But every business needs help, and you may not have the time to do everything yourself (or the resources to hire extra staff).

By automating processes with Zapier, your customers can get the care and attention they deserve—and you can focus on providing the best content possible. 

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