When this happens...
YouTubeNew Video
Then do this...
AirtableCreate Record

Sometimes you miss when your favorite channel uploads a hot new video, and sometimes YouTube playlists can be a little overwhelming. With Zapier, you'll never miss another video, and with Airtable's simple sorting and filtering you can easily organize videos however you like. No more missing videos, no more wrestling with playlists. This Zap will let you track the links to new videos and store them in Airtable's flexible database.

Note: This Zapier integration doesn't import links to pre-existing videos, only new videos published after you set up this Zap.

How It Works

  1. Triggers when a new video is uploaded to your chosen YouTube channel that you follow
  2. From there you can then create a new row within Airtable base saving the link to the video for you to watch at a later date

What You Need

  • YouTube account
  • Airtable account

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When this happens...
then do this!
New Video In Channel

Trigger when a new video is published to a specific YouTube channel.

Upload Video

Post a video to your channel

New Video

Trigger when a new video is uploaded by a specific YouTube username.

Update Record

Update the values of specific cells in an Airtable record.

New Video by Search

Trigger when a new video is uploaded that matches a specific search string.

Create Record

Creates a new record with auto-populating fields.

New Record

Triggers when a new record is available.

New Record in View

Triggers when a new record is available in a view.

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