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How to Get Started with Wishpond on Zapier

To get started with Wishpond on Zapier, one of the first things you will need to do is connect your Wishpond account to use with your Zap.

Zapier will ask you to start the process:

To locate your API Keys in your Wishpond account, please follow these steps:

Click on ‘Click here to get your Wishpond API Keys’.

Step 1 should direct you to your Wishpond Account and open the 'API Access Keys' modal. You can simply click on the 'copy icon'

to copy each key and paste it on zapier.

Make sure you fill out all the fields. Click on 'Yes, continue'.

Next, you can name your Wishpond connection, in case you have multiple accounts it is advised to name them.

Popular Things To Do With Wishpond

Add new Facebook Lead Ads Leads as Wishpond leads

Facebook Lead Ads + Wishpond

Try It

Add new Mailchimp subscribers collected from Wishpond

Wishpond + Mailchimp

Add new Shopify customers to Wishpond

Shopify + Wishpond

Notify a Slack channel when a new lead is added to Wishpond

Wishpond + Slack

Create Wishpond leads from Stripe customers

Stripe + Wishpond

Create Zendesk tickets from Wishpond form submissions

Wishpond + Zendesk

Common Problems with Wishpond on Zapier

API Access Keys not available#

In order to have access to your API Keys, you need to upgrade you Wishpond Plan.

I want to add additional fields to the lead#

If you're using the Add Lead to List action and want to add more than just the email address, you'll need to follow it up with the Add Lead Properties action. In the Properties section, on the left hand side, enter all of the properties you want to update in the lead as they appear in Wishpond. The only difference is that instead of spaces, you'll want to put a _. So if in Wishpond the property is called "First Name", then in Zapier you'll enter it as "first_name".

On the right hand side, map the fields from the trigger. It'll look something like this:

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