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Written by Vicky Cassidy · Last updated October 28, 2015
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With so much to do each day, it can be hard to keep track of it all. We’ve got projects at work, chores around the house, friends to catch up with, and books to read. You can drive yourself crazy trying to remember all these things—or you can use an app.

Toodledo is a task management and productivity app that helps you organize your life. Not only can Toodledo manage your todo list, but it also allows you to capture notes, make custom lists, and even track goals.

Once logged into Toodledo, you’ll start out on the “My Tasks” view, which shows you all of the todo items that are on your plate. Adding new tasks is simple—simple click the “Add Task” button and enter the task name, the due date, and the priority. If a task recurs on a regular basis, you can set it to repeat daily, weekly, or be more specific with dates like “every Tuesday,” or “the 1st of the month.” You’ll also have space to capture a note about the task, where you can put any relevant details. If you want to see a more visual representation of your tasks, you can select the “Calendar View.”

Sometimes you have tasks that you’d like to get done, but are not that important. Let’s say there is a sale at your favorite book store next Tuesday. You’d like to purchase some new books, but you know you’re going to have a busy day. You can create a task of “buy books” and set it to “optional”—if you get a chance to complete it, you’ll check it off, but if you don’t, the task will automatically disappear if the due date is missed.

Updating the default settings can open up a few new fields such as “folder,” “context,” “length,” or “goals.” Folders are a way to group together tasks—you can create folders for different projects or areas of responsibility. Context provides an additional layer of grouping outside of folders. For example, you can use context to tag any task that needs to be done in email. Then, with your email open, you can pull up those tasks which may be spread across various folders, and do them all in one sitting. Length allows you to estimate how long a task will take, which can be very useful in planning your day.

Some tasks just need to get done, while others contribute to something greater. Within Toodledo, you can specify short-term, long-term, or lifelong goals you want to accomplish. Want to write a book in the next year? Set a long-term goal, then add the tasks that roll up to that goal. Every day you complete a task that correlates with that goal, you’ll see another link added to your Goal Chain. It’s a great tool to visually show you how you’re doing with your goal.

Back on the My Tasks view, you can sort and filter your tasks using any of the columns. Toodledo also creates a Hotlist, which automatically surfaces your most important tasks. It uses the combination of due date, priority, and other fields to decide what you should be working on right now. You can control how the Hotlist is generated under settings.

As you’re working off your list, you can use the built-in time tracking feature to capture how long each task takes. You can then compare actual time spent to the estimate you made in the “length” column, which can help you plan your time more accurately in the future. If you have some free time and aren’t sure how to use it, you can use the Scheduler tool to tell you what to do. Just enter how much time you have available and Toodledo will look at due dates, priorities, time estimates, and other factors and tell you which task that will be the best use of your time. This feature is available for Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans.

If you’re working on tasks with other people, you can use Toodledo’s collaboration features to share tasks. You can grant people access to view tasks, assign you tasks, or edit your tasks, depending on what they need.

In addition to the task list, Toodledo also have several other features. In the “Notes” section, you can capture long-form notes and add them to the same folders you use in your task list. The Gold plan allows you to add up to 10GB of attachments to your notes, while the Platinum plan gives you 50GB.

There is also a “List” feature that is perfect for keeping track of things that aren’t tasks, but you need to reference regularly. Go on business trips frequently and keep forgetting to grab the floss? Create a “packing list” within Toodledo and you’ll always have everything you need in your suitcase. Each list is customizable and can contain different types of columns, such as text, numbers, dates, price, and more.

Toodledo includes apps for most popular devices, so you can get your work done anywhere—and it integrates with a number of 3rd party apps to help add tasks from your other tools. If you’re looking for an app that will help organize your life, Toodledo is a great option.

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Toodledo Features

  • Capture and manage tasks
  • Categorize tasks into folders and contexts
  • Estimate task length and track actual time spent on tasks
  • Set goals and track successes
  • Write notes about projects you’re working on
  • Collaborate and share tasks with others
  • iOS, Android, and Mac apps available

Toodledo Pricing

  • Free Basic plan for unlimited tasks
  • $14.99/year Silver plan for collaboration, subtasks, and customizable alarms
  • $29.99/year Gold plan for 10GB file storage and task attachments
  • $89.99/year Platinum plan for 50GB file storage

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Toodledo is one of the most popular online productivity tools available today. Use it to organize your life into list and notes.

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