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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated October 19, 2016

Happy customers are likely to talk about your products. Perhaps some will Tweet about what they purchased from you, letting their friends know how much they like the item. Maybe they'll review your product on Amazon or the App Store. Or if you're lucky, you might find people writing reviews about your product, sharing tips about it in videos, and linking to it on their own sites and stores.

The latter is one of the best ways to get new people to know about your products—but it's also one of the hardest to achieve. It's easy enough to ask people to share your product on social media, perhaps in conjunction with a giveaway or promotion. But getting them to take the time to promote your products often takes a little nudge.

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to nudge users to share your products, by letting them make money when their followers buy your products. And Tapfiliate lets you add affiliate links to your site and track recommendations and shares, no matter what you're using to sell your products.

It starts out with your own site or online store, where you've listed your products and set up a checkout experience. The goal is to drive new visitors to your product pages—and to have them actually make the purchase. Tapfiliate works with your existing site to track just that. You can add its tracking code to your site, or use one of its integrations or plugins to connect it deeply with your store. Or, you can use its API to tie it directly into your custom app.

That'll give you the data about which users referred new customers. All you'll then need is to start building an affiliate network that'll share those referral links.

For that, you'll turn to your Tapfiliate account. There, you can add marketing assets, including text, links, videos, and images (up to 150kb each) you'd like your affiliates to use when sharing your products. You can customize your affiliate signup form and dashboard, even using your own domain if you want so customers will feel at home when creating an affiliate account. And you can set up how much you'll pay out for each sale, setting different commission rates or raw payout amounts for your various product categories. You can even setup recurring payouts for subscription services, if you'd like.

Then, whenever anyone wants to share your products, they can signup for an account with your Tapfiliate form, and get their own sharing links and assets from their Tapfiliate dashboard. Whenever they land a sale, they'll see it on their dashboard—and you'll be able to see all of your affiliate sales and sort them for trends in your own dashboard. You can then pay your affiliates on a schedule, via PayPal, direct bank transfer, bitcoin, or even with a real check.

Affiliates can be a simple way to give your business a boost—but make sure they don't take your time away from creating great products and building your own business. Tapfiliate takes care of all the details, helping you see the value affiliates bring and pay them easily, without having to build anything extra into your site or sales process.

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Tapfiliate Features

  • Add affiliate support to your site with a plugin or line of code
  • Customize affiliate payout levels for different products or signup routes
  • Manage links, marketing text, videos, and images to share with affiliates
  • Track all of your affiliates together in one place
  • Customize affiliate signup page to fit your branding
  • Use API to track detailed events in your signup process
  • Built-in fraud detection

Tapfiliate Pricing

  • $69/month Essential plan for up to 1k affiliates, 1m impressions, 200k clicks, and 75k conversions
  • $149/month Pro plan for 10k affiliates, 2.5m impressions, 500k clicks, and 250k conversions, plus up to 5 team members and options to use your own domain and track multiple domains
  • From $499/month Enterprise plan for unlimited affiliates and data, plus single sign-on, custom branding, and SEPA payouts

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