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Phone & SMS

32 Integrations

Salesforce (Legacy)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) +1CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Premium

152 Integrations


Databases +1Databases, Premium

16 Integrations

Connect SuperSaaS to 2,000+ Apps

  • Add or update Google Calendar events for new or changed SuperSaaS appointments

    SuperSaaS + Google Calendar

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  • Send new SuperSaaS appointments to Google Calendar as detailed events

    SuperSaaS + Google Calendar

  • Send Gmail emails from new SuperSaaS emails

    SuperSaaS + Gmail

  • Add detailed events on Google Calendar for changed appointments on SuperSaaS

    SuperSaaS + Google Calendar

  • Add new SuperSaaS users to QuickBooks Online as customers

    SuperSaaS + QuickBooks Online

SuperSaaS Integration Details

The following SuperSaaS Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


InstantChange Appointment

Triggers on a new, changed or deleted appointment.

InstantNew User

Triggers when a user creates a new user login.

InstantNew Form

Triggers when a stand-alone form is submitted.

InstantReminder or Follow Up

Triggers on a reminder or a follow up.

InstantNew Appointment

Triggers when a new appointment is created.

InstantChange User

Triggers on a new, changed or deleted user.

InstantCredit Purchase

Triggers when a user buys something in your shop.

InstantSend Mail

Triggers on email. Switches off regular sending.

Connect SuperSaaS to 2,000+ Apps