SimpleTexting Integrations

  • Send SMS messages via SimpleTexting to new Constant Contact contacts

    Email and text messaging are even more powerful when they work together. Welcome new Constant Contact contacts to your email list with an SMS message using this Constant Contact-SimpleTexting integration.

  • Add new Constant Contact contacts to a SimpleTexting list

    Imagine if you never had to worry about exporting and importing contacts between your various apps again. Guess what? You don’t! Set up this Constant Contact-SimpleTexting integration and let Zapier take care of the tedious task of adding each new Constant Contact contact to your SimpleTexting list for you.

  • Add new Facebook Lead Ad leads to a SimpleTexting list

    Text message marketing is a useful tool for connecting with your audience. Facebook Lead Ads can help you find that audience. Bring the two together with Zapier! With this integration activated, when a lead fills out one of your Facebook Lead ads, they’ll automatically be added to your SimpleTexting list.

  • Send SMS messages via SimpleTexting to new Facebook Lead Ad leads

    Facebook Lead Ads are an effective way to build your audience. But it’s not enough to just find people who care about your product—you have to build relationships with them. Text messages are a powerful way to continue the conversation. Automatically send custom texts to new leads with this Facebook Lead Ads-SimpleTexting integration.

  • Send SMS reminders via SImpleTexting for approaching Google Calendar events

    Never miss another meeting, appointment or important occasion again! This Google Calendar-SimpleTexting integration lets you send a helpful heads-up via text message before an event begins. Whether you need an hour to get ready, or just a couple of minutes, this Zapier automation lets you adjust the notification time to your liking.

  • Send SMS messages via SimpleTexting to new Shopify customers

    Create a seamless customer experience with this Shopify-SimpleTexting integration. Once activated, Zapier will automatically send custom follow-up or thank you texts to new Shopify customers via SimpleTexting.

  • Add new Shopify customers to a SimpleTexting list

    Still adding your Shopify customers to your SimpleTexting list manually? Now you don’t have to! With this Shopify - SimpleTexting integration activated, Zapier will automatically add every new Shopify customer to your SimpleTexting list.

  • Add new Salesforce leads to a SimpleTexting list

    Automate your lead generation workflow with this Salesforce-SimpleTexting integration. Once activated, after a new lead is created in Salesforce, they’ll be added to your SimpleTexting list automatically.

  • Create SimpleTexting contacts from Google Forms submissions

    A Google Form is one of the easiest ways to collect phone numbers and other information from customers. Make sure you put that info to good use! With this integration activated, Zapier will automatically create SimpleTexting contacts based on new responses to your Google Form.

  • Send SMS messages via SimpleTexting for new Google Form submissions

    If someone takes the time to share their information with you via a Google Form and adds a phone number, make sure to follow up with them right away! Write the perfect text message in advance, and let this Zapier automation take care of sending it out via SimpleTexting to each person who fills out your form.

  • Post new incoming texts from SimpleTexting to a Slack channel

    Want an easy way to know who’s texting your business and what they’re saying? All you have to do is set up this Zapier integration for SimpleTexting and Slack. Once activated, anytime someone sends a text to the number associated with your SimpleTexting account, their message will appear on the Slack channel of your choice.

  • Send SMS messages via SimpleTexting to Shopify customers with abandoned carts

    Sometimes customers add products they love to their carts...then get distracted. SMS messages are a great way to encourage customers to complete their orders. Use this Zapier automation to send promo codes or friendly nudges by text via SimpleMessaging to customers who abandon their carts on Shopify.

  • Add new AWeber subscribers to a SimpleTexting list

    Avoid costly delays and keep your systems in sync with this automation. Use both email and SMS campaigns to encourage engagement with your contacts. This Zapier integration will create a new SimpleTexting contact whenever a subscriber is created in AWeber.

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SimpleTexting Integration Details

Launched on Zapier August 3, 2018

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Incoming Message") and Actions (like "Send SMS Message") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following SimpleTexting Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

Send SMS Message

Sends SMS text message.

Add Contact

Adds contact to a list.

New Incoming Message

Triggers when a new message is received.

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SimpleTexting is a text messaging platform that helps you reach your customers using one of the most effective channels: their text inbox. Send promotions, alerts, polls or reminders to your entire list in a matter of seconds.