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What SignNow Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • Document Completed - Triggers when all signers have filled in and signed the document.
  • Document Updated - Triggers when a document has been updated.
  • Document Deleted - Triggers when a document has been deleted.
  • New Document - Triggers when a document has been uploaded to SignNow.

Supported Actions#

  • Invite to Sign - Sends an email with the invite to sign a document. NOTE: Use this action only for signing simple documents without fields and roles.
  • Upload Document - Uploads a new document.
  • Upload Document & Extract Fields - Creates a new document and converts field tags to SignNow fillable fields.
  • Create Document From Template - Creates a new document with fillable fields from a selected template and sends a signature request to one or multiple signers.
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How to Get Started with SignNow on Zapier

About SignNow's Integration#

  • Admin/owner permissions: None Known
  • Paid/versioned account: Must have a Premium SignNow account to connect to Zapier
  • Authentication method: OAuth
  • Custom field support: Only for the Template-Based Document Updated trigger, and Upload Document & Extract Fields action

In order to get started you will first have to add your SignNow account to Zapier. This will allow you to connect to the dozens of services with which SignNow is compatible. After you have chosen the app you wish to connect with SignNow, you will be asked to add your account.

First, click on “Connect a SignNow Account” as seen below.

CudaSign 1

Next, you will be asked to log in to your SignNow account, if you are not already logged in. NOTE: if you want to be 100% sure that you are adding the correct SignNow account, you should visit the SignNow app and double check whether you’re logged in or not.

CudaSign 3  After you log in (or if you were already logged in) you will be asked to authorize Zapier to access your account. Click on “Grant Access” to allow the connection.

CudaSign 3

Click "Save + Continue" to finish setting up your Zap.

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Common Problems with SignNow

How do I extract fields using the "Upload Document & Extract Fields " action?#

You will need to add text tags that the "Extract Fields" function will then turn into SignNow fields. There is a handy guide on this here.

I have documents in SignNow but they're not showing up in the dropdown#

In order for the 'Send Invite' Action to detect a document from the "Document" dropdown, it can not have been sent out for signature already in SignNow, nor can it have any Signature fields added to it. The document has to be "free form" so your invited signer can place their signature anywhere on that document.

I don't see all of my fields when using the Create Document From Template & Send Role-Based Invite action#

For us to be able to offer you fields to map data into in this action, they must include a Label. When one adds Labels to these fields, we will then be able to pull in those fields for you to map in the Zap Editor. See a video example of this here.

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