ServeManager Integrations

  • Create Google Calendar events for new jobs on ServeManager

    Keeping track of job due dates can be daunting. When you're managing many jobs, due dates can come and go without realizing it. By setting up this Zapier integration, events will automatically be added to your Google Calendar to match new job due dates on ServeManager. Your schedule will be then be easier to maintain, helping ensure you never let another due date pass again.

    Note: Due dates are only set on new jobs. If a due date changes in ServeManager, you'll need to enable a separate automation to update Google Calendar.

    How this ServeManager-Google Calendar integration works

    1. A new job is created in ServeManager
    2. Zapier creates a Google Calendar event for the job's due date

    Apps involved

    • ServeManager
    • Google Calendar
  • Get text messages for new ServeManager jobs

    When you're out in the field serving papers, it can be be tough to know when you have new work assigned to you. This integration will send out a text message whenever you have a new job on ServeManager, keeping you on track no matter how busy your day is.

    How this ServeManager integration works

    1. A new job is created on ServeManager
    2. Zapier sends you a text message with the details

    Apps involved

    • ServeManager
  • Add new ServeManager companies to QuickBooks Online as customers

    Using multiple apps to track your invoicing and accounting doesn't have to result in time-wasting double entry. Set up this integration, and we'll streamline the process for you. It will fire off whenever you create a new company in ServeManager, creating a matching customer on QuickBooks Online so you're always prepared when the time comes to file your paperwork.

    How this ServeManager-QuickBooks Online integration works

    1. A new company is created in ServeManager
    2. Zapier creates a new customer in QuickBooks online

    Apps involved

    • ServeManager
    • QuickBooks Online
  • Create ServeManage jobs from new FormStack submissions

    If you're spending too much time entering in job details by hand, it's time for some automated assistance—you can eliminate double data entry by setting up this Zapier integration. From then on, whenever there's a new submission on your Formstack form, Zapier will create a new job in ServeManager with the data exactly as your clients submitted it, ensuring there are never any mistakes or missing information.

    Note: This is a simple starting point for what can become a very robust client intake form. A Multi-Step workflow can be used to create a client, court case, and even upload documents to the job.

    How this Formstack-ServeManager integration works

    1. A new form submission is detected on Formstack
    2. Zapier creates a new job in ServeManager

    Apps involved

    • Formstack
    • ServeManager
  • Text your client when a job is served in ServeManager

    Your clients demand realtime information about the status of their jobs, but this can be hard to manage when you're on the move. Set up this Zapier integration, however, and we'll send them a text message whenever you record a service attempt in ServeManager.

    How this ServeManager-Twilio integration works

    1. A new service attempt is logged in ServeManager
    2. Twilio sends your client a text message

    Apps involved

    • ServeManager
    • Twilio
  • Create ServeManager jobs from new Clio matters

    A little help taking action on the matters that require service of process can go a long way. Activate this integration and we'll take care of everything. From that point on, whenever you create a new matter in Clio, Zapier will automatically set up a job for it in ServeManager, ensuring you can keep your processes moving expediently without wasting effort.

    *Note: You can use a Filter to conditionally create jobs only for Clio matters that require service of process.

    How this Clio-ServeManager integration works

    1. A new matter is created in Clio
    2. Zapier creates a new job on ServeManager

    Apps involved

    • Clio
    • ServeManager
  • Add new ServeManager companies to a list on MailChimp

    Keeping your marketing lists up to date can be tedious, and you may even miss adding some contacts along the way. Once active, this Zapier automation takes care of adding a new subscriber to your MailChimp list whenever you create a new company in ServeManager. You'll never have to remember to add that important company again.

    Note: This Zapier integration doesn't import existing companies into MailChimp, it only works on newly created companies.

    How this ServeManager-MailChimp integration works

    1. A new company is created in ServeManager
    2. Zapier adds a subscriber to your MailChimp list

    Apps involved

    • ServeManager
    • MailChimp

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ServeManager Integration Details

Launched on Zapier May 11, 2016

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Job") and Actions (like "Create Company") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following ServeManager Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

New Job

Triggers when new job is created.

New Company

Triggers when a new company is created.

New Attempt

Triggers when a new attempt is logged.

New Affidavit

Triggers when a new affidavit document is created.

Create Company

Creates a new company.

Create Job

Creates a new job.

Upload File

Upload a file to an existing job.

Create Court Case

Creates a Court Case.

Find Court Case

Find an existing court case.

Find Company

Find an existing company.

Find Job

Finds an existing job.

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ServeManager provides process servers with the tools they need run their business, while giving their law firm clients a dashboard to track the status and activity associated with service of process.