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What Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • New Lead Gen - Triggers when a lead gen is registered on one of your curated topics.
  • New Scoop - Triggers when a new scoop is published on one of your curated topics.

Supported Actions#

  • Publish a Scoop - Publish a Scoop on one of your curated topics.

How to Get Started with on Zapier

The first thing you'll need to do is connect your Account to Zapier. After you sign up and start creating the Zap you want, Zapier will ask you to start the process:


You can then give your Account a title or label, which is just for your convenience and helps you identify the appropriate account inside of Zapier.


The account that you are logged into will be displayed next asking you to confirm Zapier's access:


Finally, you'll be redirected back to Zapier and the Account will have been added and tested, if everything is good to go you'll see this:


Now you can continue creating your Zap.

Common Problems with

Error: Please contact to be able to be notified of a new published Scoop#

If you're getting this error, this means that you don't have the Premium Feature on your account, which is required to be able to be notified of new scoops.

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