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Connect RollWorks to 2,000+ Apps

  • Get Slack messages when RollWorks leads open your emails

    RollWorks + Slack

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  • Create a deal in Pipedrive from positive replies received in RollWorks

    RollWorks + Pipedrive

  • Create HubSpot contacts for new positive replies in RollWorks

    RollWorks + HubSpot

  • Add contact records to Zendesk Sell when a lead positively replies in RollWorks

    RollWorks + Zendesk Sell

  • Create new leads in Close from positive replies in RollWorks

    RollWorks + Close

RollWorks Integration Details

The following RollWorks Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


InstantEmail Clicked

Triggered when a lead clicks a link in an email.

InstantPositive Reply Received

Triggered after a lead replies positively to an email. Note: replies are processed in batches, resulting in a delay of up to an hour.

InstantEmail Opened

Triggered when a lead opens an email.

InstantState Changed

Triggered when the state of a lead changes.


Move to Sequence

Move a lead to a specific sequence.

Stop Nurturing

Stop nurturing a lead with drip emails.

Connect RollWorks to 2,000+ Apps