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Pivotal Tracker does exactly that for your projects. It includes enough tools to break projects down into as many sections and chunks as you need—enough to be potentially overwhelming. But click the x button on any list, and you're left with just the one stream of tasks that are most important to you—along with similar streams from any other projects that affect you.

It starts with your stories, the broad things that need worked on. List the things this project needs to accomplish, add tasks that need done to achieve the goal, and use points to estimate how complex that item will be to accomplish. Then, organize those stories with release markers, milestones that show when you'll ship the next update and the stories that update will include. For an even bigger picture, add epics to build longer roadmaps that cover as many release markers and stories as you want to make sure you're working towards the broad goals of this project.

That's a lot of detail—but odds are, only certain parts apply to you. You can view your own tasks, move less important tasks to an icebox or add more important ones back to the current project marker, then click the Start button to show what you're working on. Add your full workflow—Start, Finish, Deliver, and Accept/Reject by default—for a one-click way to show where things stand.

There's likely a number of lists by default, and more you could enable. Everything in Pivotal Tracker is another list: the graphs that show project progress, the icebox of on-hold tasks, epics for broader goals, and more. You can close any lists that don't apply to your work right now, and re-open them from the sidebar easily. Or, make your own workspace that combines each project you're working on, and pull in the lists you need to see from each project. It's your own personalized task stream that focuses on your work, with the bigger picture just a click away.

Projects are messy and confusing. They're far more important than your social network streams, but that still doesn't mean you need to see everything at once. Pivotal Tracker strikes a balance between too broad of projects that don't go into enough detail, and information overload from intricate project plans. You can dive into just what matters, and still see everything that's going on when you need.

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Pivotal Tracker Pricing

  • Free for unlimited public projects, 2 private projects, and 3 users

  • $15/month Startup plan for 5 private projects and 5 users

  • $35/month Startup plan for 10 private projects and 10 users

  • $75/month Pro plan for unlimited private projects and 15 users

  • $150/month Pro plan for unlimited private projects and 25 users

  • $300/month Pro plan for unlimited private projects and 50 users

  • Enterprise pricing available for 50+ users and private cloud installs

Pivotal Tracker Features

  • Manage stories on scrum boards

  • Add tasks, points, comments and more to stories

  • Take stories through a workflow, and package finished stories into releases

  • Organize projects into epics for larger roadmaps

  • Customize Dashboards to view important parts of projects together

  • iOS and Android apps available

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