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How to Get Started with PipelineDeals on Zapier

PipelineDeals has written some great documentation about how to get started. You can find this documentation and more here.

Popular Things To Do With PipelineDeals

Save scanned Contacts+ business card contacts in PipelineDeals

Contacts+ + PipelineDeals

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Add new Facebook Lead Ad leads to PipelineDeals as people

Facebook Lead Ads + PipelineDeals

Add Gravity Forms form contacts to PipelineDeals

Gravity Forms + PipelineDeals

Create Xero invoices for moved deals on PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals + Xero

Create new PipelineDeals for new submissions on Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms + PipelineDeals

Send Slack messages for new deals on PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals + Slack

Common Problems with PipelineDeals

Some of my deals or people aren't triggering the zap#

Currently, there is a limitation with Pipeline's implementation that only sends the deals/people that you own to Zapier. To work around this, you could have Zapier accounts for each potential deal/person owner and duplicate the Zap.

If you're an Admin in the PipelineDeals account, another option would be to use the other potential deal/people owner's API key and setup an additional Zap for each of them in your existing Zapier account. To do so, you'd go to "Connected Accounts" in Zapier under your profile and add the other users there. Once that's setup, you cap copy your existing Zap and swap out the connected account.

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