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Connect PartnerStack to 2,000+ Apps

  • Create transaction in GrowSumo for new Braintree Transactions

    Braintree + PartnerStack

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  • Add new PartnerStack customers as new HubSpot contacts


  • Add new PartnerStack events as HubSpot contacts


  • Add new PartnerStack customers as MailChimp subscribers

    PartnerStack + Mailchimp

  • Add new Eventbrite attendee check-ins as PartnerStack actions

    Eventbrite + PartnerStack

PartnerStack Integration Details

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The following PartnerStack Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


InstantNew Customer Event

Triggers when a customer event occurs (eg. Customer Created, Updated, Deleted).

InstantNew Transaction Event

Triggers when a transaction event occurs (eg. Transaction Created, Deleted).

InstantNew Deal Event

Triggers when a deal event occurs (eg. Deal Created, Updated, Stage Updated, Close Date Updated, Amount Updated) Note: Meta fields are set in Groups > Deal Registration.

InstantNew Message Event

Triggers whenever a partner sends a message through the Messages Tab (

InstantNew Reward Event

Triggers when a reward event occurs (eg. Reward Created, Declined, Restored, Updated).

InstantNew Partnership Event

Triggers when a partnership event occurs (eg. Partnership Created, Updated, Deleted).

InstantNew Application Event

Triggers when a new Application event occurs. (eg. Application Created, Updated, Approved, Declined).

InstantNew Lead Event

Triggers when a lead event occurs (eg. Lead Created, Updated, Closed, Approved, Declined).

InstantNew Offer Event

Triggers when an offer event occurs (eg. Offer Created, Updated, Deleted).


Create Transaction

Creates a new Transaction attributed to a partner.

Create Action

Logs an action that a partner or customer has performed. If a reward is set for the action, it will be created. (e.g. partner posted in forum).

Create Lead

Creates a new Lead attributed to the partner that drove it.

Update Customer

Updates an existing customer. You can use this to connect a customer to a provider key.

Update Lead

Updates a Lead.

Create Customer

Creates a new customer.

Create Deal

Creates a new Deal attributed to the partner that owns it.

Create Partner

Creates a new partner.

Update Deal

Updates a Deal.

Update Partnership

Update a partnership.


Find Customer

Finds a customer by email address or customer key.

Find Partner

Finds a partner by email address or partner key.

Find Lead

Find lead by email.

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