When this happens...
WaveNew Customer
Then do this...
OntraportCreate or Update Contact

Add new Wave customers to ONTRAPORT automatically. When a new customer is added to Wave, Zapier will add the customer as a new Contact in ONTRAPORT. You can add a Contact Tag or add the new Contact to an ONTRAPORT Sequence when Zapier creates the Contact.

Note: This Zapier integration does not add existing customers to ONTRAPORT, but will add ONTRAPORT Contact Records for any new Wave customers.

How this Wave - ONTRAPORT integration works 1. New customer added in Wave 2. Contact is updated or created in ONTRAPORT

Apps involved

  • Wave

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When this happens...
then do this!
New Form Submission

Triggers when a contact successfully fills out an Ontraport or ONTRAPages Form.

Create or Update Contact

Creates or updates a contact in Ontraport.

Tag Added

Triggers when a tag is successfully added to a contact or a custom object.

Record Sale

Records an Income transaction with optional Sales Tax and optional Payment Processing Fee.

New Contact

Triggers when a new contact is added to Ontraport.

Create Invoice

Creates a new invoice.

New Invoice

Triggers when a new invoice is created.

Create Customer

Creates a customer in a business that you choose.

New Customer

Triggers when a new customer is added to a business you choose.

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