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Whether you host classes, workshops, or 1:1 appointments with clients, you can create and publish available schedules within the MINDBODY app. Under the Services and Pricing tab of the submenu, you’ll see options to create class schedules, private or semi-private appointments, or enrolment for special workshops. You can customize your scheduling page further by adding new service categories, new class and appointment types, and other details using the Manager Tools. Active schedules will be published on your booking page, which you can integrate into your existing website or Facebook page. Customers will then be able to view and book their preferred schedules anytime. Make sure to visit the General Settings under Manager Tools to update your business information, enable Google Calendar syncing, and enable important client and staff settings, so your business runs smoothly moving forward.

You can empower your staff by providing the same level of convenience when managing their schedules and appointments. Your team can make changes to the appointment calendar all in one screen whenever a client decides to reschedule an appointment, or a class needs to be cancelled.

Every staff member has a unique log in they can use to view their schedules and manage their day-to-day tasks. You can create an unlimited number of logins and adjust each person’s user permissions so they have access only to what they need. Once everyone’s added, they can clock in their hours using the built-in time tracker or record product sales for commissions, which then factors into their payroll. You can integrate your existing payroll system to MINDBODY and have the system calculate your staff’s payroll for you.

As your business grows, your consistent scheduling experience and service has already built a solid reputation with your current client base. If you need to expand your reach and attract new clients, you have several options to market your brand online. You can list your business via the MINDBODY app and offer either intro offers and last-minute deals to get people to sign up. Potential clients can also view, book, and pay for classes or appointments your online bookings and the MINDBODY mobile app.

Existing clients are just as valuable a revenue source as driving new business. If you’re on the Accelerate and Ultimate plans, you can send out automated check-in emails to past and current clients after a set period of time. You can then check how many of these clients have come back and how much revenue you’re projected to make on your dashboard. With regards to no-shows, MINDBODY lets you send 2-way SMS notifications to clients about their appointments and open slots should someone else cancel their schedule. You can view response rates and revenue reports from the Reports section of your account to see if your message works or needs tweaking to increase sign-ups and attendance.

Helping people on their journey towards wellness can only happen when you can run your business with just as much peace of mind. You can use MINDBODY to manage bookings, reports, payroll, and other important administrative tasks for you, leaving you to focus on helping your clients reach their goals.



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