Lessonly Integrations

  • Export completed Lessonly lessons into new Google Sheet spreadsheets

    You have your lradebook data. However, you want to filter and arrange that data in a way that is helpful to you. With this integration, you can quickly upload a lesson gradebook into a new Google Sheet spreadsheet. This will allow for a stronger analysis of learner performance and more actionable insights.

    How this Lessonly-Google Sheets integration works

    1. A Lessonly lesson is completed
    2. Zapier exports your lesson data into a Google Sheets spreadsheet

    Apps involved

    • Lessonly
    • Google Sheets
  • Export new Lessonly lessons as new Airtable records

    Unlocking the insights into your learning is crucial to build a strong learning program. With this integration, you can export your lesson gradebook into Airtable automatically. Thus, you can organize your data any way you see fit. This allows your team to uncover the crucial nuggets of your learning program.

    How this Lessonly-Airtable Integration Works

    1. A new Lessonly lesson is assigned
    2. Zapier creates an Airtable record

    Apps involved

    • Lessonly
    • Airtable
  • Assign new BambooHR employees a Lessonly lesson

    Learning new systems is hard. If learners do not feel comfortable in those systems, they will not adopt them. Once a new employee gets set up in BambooHR, wouldn't it be great if they were delivered a lesson that walked them through the software? With this integration, once an employee is created in BambooHR they will be delivered a new Lessonly lesson automatically.

    Note: You can decide which lesson would be most effective for your employees.

    How this BambooHR-Lesson integration works

    1. A new user is created in BambooHR
    2. A Lessonly lesson is delivered to the user

    Apps involved

    • BambooHR
    • Lessonly
  • Add new Lessonly users as new Google Spreadsheet rows

    As your team grows, it is difficult to keep track of all your learners. It would be a dream to have a Google Sheet compiled of your learners to quickly monitor and filter who your learners are.

    How this Google Sheet-Lessonly integration works

    1. A new Lessonly user is created
    2. The user is created in a google sheet

    ##Apps involved - Lessonly - Google Sheets

  • Add a new Lessonly users as an Excel table rows

    In order to effectively manage learning program, you need to keep track of your learners. Having a document with all your learners will be the first step in helping your employees learn more and do better work. With this integration, you will have a living document to keep track of every learner you have.

    ##How this Lessonly-Excel Integration works

    1. A new user is created in Lessonly
    2. Zapier adds a new role to your excel sheet with the new user record

    ##Apps involved

    • Lessonly
    • Excel
  • Add People HR new starters as new Lessonly users

    Getting a new employee ramped up is difficult. Between the training and getting them onto all the correct software takes a lot of work. Let this integration do it for you by immediately creating a new user in Lessonly when there is a new start in People HR.

    ##How this People HR-Lessonly integration works 1. A new starter is created in People HR 2. Zapier creates a new learner in Lessonly

    Apps involved

    • People HR
    • Lessonly

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Lessonly Integration Details

Launched on Zapier April 4, 2018

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New User") and Actions (like "Assign Path") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following Lessonly Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

New User

Triggers when a new user is created.

New Path

Triggers when a new path is created.

New Lesson

Triggers when a new lesson is created.

Assign Path

Assigns a path to a user.

Create User

Creates a new user.

Assign Lesson

Assigns a lesson to a user.

Find User

Finds a user by email address.

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