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The first thing you will notice is how KickoffLabs fuses complexity with simplicity. As soon as you log in to your dashboard, you know exactly where to create a new campaign or where to check your existing page’s performance reports. Nothing feels to complicated or overwhelming, yet you see just how powerful this app is under the hood.

The first step is to create a campaign, which is where all of your landing pages, exit intents, and pop-ups are housed. Whether it’s a landing page or an email pop-up, KickoffLabs lets you choose from a plethora of templates that you can demo and design to fit the kind of campaign you intend to launch. If you can’t find a suitable template, you can either ask KickOffLabs for a custom landing page, or use an existing HTML template with KickoffLabs Anyform, a script that lets you connect existing landing pages to the platform. This way, you can immediately launch while taking advantage of KickoffLabs’ features (e.g. tracking and analytics).

The landing page builder is divided into two panes. The left pane shows all of the options you can use to tweak your page to fit your brand. You can show or hide specific sections of the page, upload images, change font faces and sizes, and even tweak the thank-you message your subscriber sees after they sign up. More advanced settings include adding Facebook share links, header and footer scripts for tracking, and adding an error message to your sign-up form.

The right pane is where you can preview the page before it goes live. Everything is WYSIWYG in that an editor bar will appear when you click on a specific design element, so you can apply changes to it right away. More importantly, you can easily spot design issues that need revising all while saving time and effort from switching tabs to see how it would like on your website.

Whether you’ve launched a waitlist or a rewards page, you can track all of its activity on KickoffLabs. The Reports page shows an overview of your campaign’s performance, providing useful data such as conversion rates, lead demographics, and total views up to the last 12 months since launch. This is especially handy when A/B testing two pages to see which one performs. You can also see a list of your traffic sources, giving you a clear picture of where your traffic is coming from. All this gives you valuable insight on what drives leads to sign up or what causes them to leave your page.

From landing pages to sign-up forms, everything you need to create beautiful and functional campaigns are right here on KickoffLabs. Its simplicity and flexibility allows even the beginning marketer to launch any type of campaign to drive leads, build a strong following, and grow your business.

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