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Send community invitations in Participate for new JotForm submissions

With this integration, send a community invitation after a new JotForm submission.

With this integration, send a community invitation after a new JotForm submission.

  1. When this happens...
  2. automatically do this!
    Create Community Invitation

    Sends email inviting a user to a community.

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Supported triggers and actions

What does this mean?
    • FormRequired

    Try It
    • Select a formRequired

      Select a form to assign

    • Asignee emailRequired

      Enter your assignee’s email address

    • Invitation Message

      Include an invitation message

    • Assignee Permission

      Let assignees submit only, submit and view submissions later, or submit and edit submissions later

    • Select a formRequired

      Select a form to create submissions for

    • Api Docs Info

      API docs for Jotform are located here http://api.jotform.com/docs/

    • HTTP MethodRequired

    • URLRequired

      Requests can only be made to domains associated by this application.

    • Query String Parameters

      These params will be URL-encoded and appended to the URL when making the request.

    • Headers

      Authentication headers are included automatically

    • Additional Request Headers

      Zapier will apply these optional headers and values to the request in addition to any headers created as part of the authentication mechanism.

    • Body

      Zapier will pass this along raw. If you would like to provide complex JSON, try a "Code by Zapier" step to build the structure and pass it along here. For example, {"foo": "bar"} is perfectly valid.

jotform logo
jotform logo

About Jotform

The newly redesigned Jotform lets you build forms faster than ever, with powerful widgets and a responsive editor that works offline—without even needing to sign up for an account.

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About Participate

Participate is a team collaboration app that combines your favorite parts of social media and online learning in Communities of Practice (CoPs) that inspire professional learning, connection and growth.

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