Jitbit Helpdesk

Jitbit Helpdesk Integrations

  • Create Asana tasks for new Jitbit Helpdesk tickets

    Make sure you never miss a Jitbit ticket – track them as you would every other task. It won't take any extra time, either: Set up this integration, and we'll do the rest. From then on, we'll automatically create a new Asana task for every new Jitbit ticket you receive. Line them up, and check them off!

    How this Jitbit-Asana integration works

    1. A new ticket is received on Jitbit
    2. Zapier creates a new Asana task

    Apps involved

    • Jitbit
    • Asana
  • Post new Jitbit Helpdesk tickets to your Slack channel

    Responding to new support tickets quickly is a great way to foster customer loyalty. Set up this automation, and, no matter how engaged you are in conversation, you'll get notifications about new Jitbit tickets instantly on your Slack channel.

    How this Jitbit-Slack integration works

    1. A new ticket is received on Jitbit
    2. Zapier posts the ticket information to your Slack channel

    Apps involved

    • Jitbit
    • Slack
  • Create Jitbit tickets from new GitHub issues

    Keep your support team updated on any development issues you're having, and they won't be blindsided by new tickets. After you've configured this automation, it will trigger with each new issue added to a GitHub repo, automatically copying the information into Jitbit so everyone can be aware of it.

    How this Github-Jitbit integration works

    1. A new issue is created in a Github repo
    2. Zapier creates a new Jitbit ticket with the issue details

    Apps involved

    • Github
    • Jitbit
  • Create Jitbit tickets from new Twitter mentions

    Some issues come up on Twitter, when customers mention your brand or some key terms. Zapier automation can make it easy for you to get to work on resolving each one quickly. Once you've set this one up, we'll automatically create a ticket on your Jitbit helpdesk for every new mention of your keyword(s) on Twitter.

    How this Twitter-Jitbit integration works

    1. Someone mentions your term on Twitter
    2. Zapier creates a new ticket on Jitbit for it

    Apps involved

    • Twitter
    • Jitbit Helpdesk
  • Create Jitbit tickets from new Typeform entries

    Sometimes when you run a survey on Typeform, you need a way to reply to your customers or prospects. You can do this automatically with Zapier's Typeform-Jitbit integration. Every new Typeform response you receive will generate a new Jitbit ticket, letting you respond to your customer directly from your helpdesk

    How this Typeform-Jitbit integration works

    1. Someone responds to your Typeform survey
    2. A new ticket is created in your Jitbit Helpdesk with the details of the response.

    Apps involved

    • Typeform
    • Jitbit
  • Create Jitbit tickets from new Intercom conversations

    Have you ever needed to follow up on your customer chat conversations via email? We can save you the trouble of copying that information into your helpdesk. This integration will trigger every time a new conversation happens on Intercom, automatically passing the details on to Jitbit and creating a ticket for you to track it.

    How this Intercom-Jitbit integration works

    1. A new conversation takes place in Intercom
    2. Zapier creates a ticket in Jitbit

    Apps involved

    • Intercom
    • Jitbit
  • Get notifications about new Jitbit tickets on Hipchat

    The faster you can react to new tickets, the happier your customers will be. After you set up this automation, Zapier can keep you notified whenever someone reaches out: Zapier will automatically forward every new Jitbit ticket you receive into your HipChat room, alerting the whole team so the issue can be resolved quickly.

    How this Jitbit-Hipchat integration works

    1. A new Jitbit ticket is received
    2. Zapier sends a notification to your room on HipChat

    Apps involved

    • Jitbit
    • Hipchat
  • Save new Jitbit tickets to a Google Sheets row

    There's lots of valuable data to be gained from analyzing your support tickets, but first you'll want an easy way to sort through it all. This integration can provide that for you. After being set up, it will capture every new ticket created on Jitbit, copying the information into Google Sheets so that all the details can be added to a new row on a spreadsheet.

    How this Jitbit-Google integration works

    1. A new ticket is created in Jitbit
    2. A new row with the ticket details is added to Google Sheets

    Apps involved

    • Jitbit
    • Google Sheets
  • Create new Jitbit Helpdesk tickets with email data extracted by Parseur

    Do you have support emails coming in to your company via channels that are not being tracked in JitBit Helpdesk? Let Parseur and Zapier get them to the right place! Parseur can extract information from multiple email channels and then this Zapier integration can use the extracted information to create new Jitbit Helpdesk tickets.

    How this Parseur-Jitbit Helpdesk integration works

    1. A new email is received and processed by Parseur
    2. Zapier creates a new Jitbit Helpdesk ticket

    Apps involved

    • A Parseur account with a parser already set up
    • A Jitbit Helpdesk account

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Jitbit Helpdesk Integration Details

Launched on Zapier February 25, 2014

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Closed Ticket") and Actions (like "Create a Ticket") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following Jitbit Helpdesk Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

New Closed Ticket

Triggers when a ticket is closed.

New Ticket

Triggers when a new ticket is created.

Create a Ticket

Creates a new ticket in your Helpdesk.

Create a User

Create a new user in your Jitbit Helpdesk.

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