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What Harvest Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • New Project - Triggers when you add a new project.
  • New Task - Triggers when you add a new task.
  • New Client - Triggers when you add a new client.
  • New Invoice - Triggers when you add a new invoice (with line item support).
  • New Invoice - Triggers when you add a new invoice.
  • New Person - Triggers when you add a new person.
  • New User Assignment - Triggers when a person is assigned to a project.
  • New Timesheet Entry - Triggers when a new timesheet entry is created for today.
  • New Contact - Triggers when you add a new contact.

Supported Actions#

  • Create Project - Creates a project.
  • Create Task - Adds a new task.
  • Creates Timesheet Entry - Creates a new timesheet entry for the current day.
  • Create Contact - Adds a new contact.
  • Start Timer - Creates and starts a timer for the current day.
  • Stop Timer - Stops the timer for the current day (if one is running).
  • Create Client - Adds a new client.

How to Get Started with Harvest

About Harvest's Integration#

Connecting with Harvest#

To get started with Harvest, first click to connect a Harvest account in your zap.

Click to add an account

Next, you'll name this Harvest account. Note: This name is only for identifying the account inside Zapier, it will not automatically try to add a specific Harvest account.

Name the Harvest account inside Zapier

You should then get a pop-up window from Harvest. If you are prompted with the signup form, click the link to log-in instead.

Harvest Signup Form

The form should change to a log-in form.

Log in to authorize your Harvest account

After logging in, you are prompted with a window to allow Zapier access. Choose Approve.

Allow Zapier access to your account

After allowing Zapier access, you'll get sent back to your zap where you now have your Harvest account connected!

Your Harvest account is authorized

Common Problems with Harvest

Stop Timer Action has no fields to map to#

The way this action works is that whenever the zap triggers, the currently running timer inside of Harvest is stopped. Since you can only have one timer active at a time, Harvest figures out which one to stop on its own.

This action is useful for zaps like GTalk -> Harvest, where you could send a chat with "#clock-out" as the message, which would stop your harvest timer.

(404) Not Found Errors#

Harvest requires a user with "admin" permissions to be able to connect via their API. If your account does not have sufficient permission, you will get this 404 error when you try to connect. You can read more about user permissions on their help docs here.

Can't access other users after connecting admin account#

Right now, there is no way to access all user information in one Zap. You will need to connect each user's account and create a separate Zap for each one at this point in time.

No sample data available when testing New Timesheet Entry trigger#

You need to have a timesheet entry created today in order for it to show up in the trigger. To resolve, create a new time entry in Harvest and retest the zap.

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