Create Samepage team pages from new Freshdesk tickets

Are your support tickets trapped in Freshdesk? Do you wish that you could share the information from the ticket with your team seamlessly, and without copying and pasting tickets? With this Freshdesk-Samepage integration, now each new ticket is automatically posted to a Samepage team page for all to see. Pass through contact information, ticket details, a direct link to the ticket on Freshdesk and more so you have all of the information you need to respond to the ticket right in Samepage.

How this Freshdesk-Samepage integration works

  1. Your Email by Zapier address receives a new email
  2. Zapier creates a Samepage page with the ticket information

Apps involved

  • Freshdesk
  • Samepage
Create Samepage team pages from new Freshdesk tickets
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Freshdesk is an online helpdesk software with multiple channel customer service to support customers across email, phone, chat, web, Twitter and more.

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Samepage is a team collaboration platform that brings people together to get work done in one place. Discuss ideas, share files, assign tasks, and finish projects – all in real time, and all from one app.

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